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    Lauren M

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get some advice on what kind of dog food to feed my dog. She is almost two years old, she’s fixed, and she has had three urinary tract infections within the past six months. The first time I took her to the vet they discovered that she had a tilted vulva so she may be prone to UTI’s, but did not give me any further instruction (besides antibiotics for treatment). The second time I took her to the vet they prescribed her Hills Canine C/D. After doing some research, this food is extremely expensive! I have looked up Royal Canin as well, but it’s even more expensive. Right now my dog eats Diamond Naturals and after reading some reviews, I definitely want to get her off of this food.

    I want the best for my dog so if Hills or Royal Canin is the best, then I will switch her over but before I make any decisions I wanted to get some feedback about what has worked best for others and what dog food is the best for UTI’s.

    I was also wondering about the Royal Canin Calming food for dogs. My dog also has severe separation anxiety and I was reading that the calming food may also help create a healthy environment in their urinary tract area. The only problem is that this food is for dogs under 33 pounds and my dog is 55 pounds.

    Any information about food and urinary tract infections is appreciated!

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    I’m fortunate enough to have 3 dogs and no UTI’s the past 7 years. I feed a high moisture diet (raw and canned), never just plain dry kibble. I also give a bladder supplement with cranberry and d-mannose (and other herbs) and I give probiotics. I also used to monitor my dogs’ urine pH using home pH test strips. Hopefully someone who’s actually dealt with UTI’s will give some input.





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