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    Charlie L

    Hello Everyone,
    I’m hoping to get some help & guidance on how to help my 8 mo Husky male puppy. We picked him up @ 3 months old and for the first 3 months we struggled with really bad diarrhea with several high quality kibble brands. He would eat anything we put in front of him so fast we had to get him a slow feeder bowl. After a couple visits to the vet, they recommended trying Royal Canin Rx Sensitive Stomach kibble. That combined w/ some Tylan powder and pro-biotics got him pooping normally in a couple weeks and has been great since then.
    However starting a couple months ago he began to throw up bile in the early hours of the morning some times, usually between 3am-7am. At first it was every couple weeks, but it has slowly become more frequent. After a couple visits to the vet and trying to feed him a biscuit treat in the middle of the night earlier so he had something in his stomach, it was still getting worse. We started giving him chewable pepcid AC at night before bed per vet’s recommendations and that didn’t seem to help either.
    This went on for several weeks and then he started not wanting to eat anything at all. It was so hard to get him to eat anything. We tried a mixture of kibble and soft/canned food (All Rx because of his sensitive bowels), we tried adding low sodium chicken broth, cooked brown rice, hell even peanut butter. The vomiting kept getting more frequent and he was eating less. Took him back to the vet and they did more bloodwork and a GI and sent the results to Texas A&M University (We are in Fargo, ND) for review. Nothing wrong or conclusive with any of his tests and exams.
    I know he’s hungry cuz he wants to eat anything and everything. He’ll eat all the dried up worms on the sidewalk or random chunks of dirt, we loves peanut butter almost anytime, and he’ll eat the few kernels of (plain) popcorn we sometimes give him. We did the popcorn just cuz we wanted him to eat something.
    Because we knew he was hungry but just not eating the food we gave him, the vet suggested maybe trying a different brand of non-Rx kibble that might be tastier so he’ll eat it. I still tried to get something that was stomach/digestive sensitive so I picked up a small bag of Blue Wilderness Blissful Belly. He gobbled it right up the first night… and again in the morning. But that next morning/day he had explosive diarrhea that was uncontrollable for a couple days. Called the vet and she suggested we try a DIFFERENT Rx food. This time Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EN Gastroenteric Canine Formula Kibble & Canned food. Started him back on the Tylan powder also. The diarrhea slowly got better each day and he was eating this new food pretty well. He seemed to like it enough he usually ate right away and would eat a small bowl in one feeding.
    The vomiting seemed to have gone away also……until it didn’t. About 4 days into the new food he began vomiting in the night/morning again. Now he doesn’t want to eat again. Tried adding the rice, broth, chunks of fresh chicken breasts, and even mixing some melted peanut butter into it. He will barely eat anything ever. He seems to be ok with the soft/canned foot most of the time if it’s by itself, but when mixed up with anything else he will barely eat a couple bites. Still vomiting, diarrhea has some back a little but not as bad as it was. I think it’s more due to him not really getting much for nutrients or anything at all right now.
    My partner & I are at a loss and we feel absolutely awful that we can’t seem to help him. He’s the sweetest thing and outside of the time when he’s throwing up, he’s the happiest most playful cuddly fur baby.
    But I need some help as I don’t know how to help him and this has been going on for far too long. The vet has run out of suggestions at this point.

    Can someone please help?

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    Andrea R

    Had a similar experience with our golden pup. He had a reaction to a popular flea/tick medication… our vet said it would take 3-6 months to get out of his system, hopefully without long term systemic damage. We used vetri probiotic bd and royal canine for gi (prescription only) and an antihistamine shot initially. He responded well, diarrhea stopped, and his appetite improved…. Would not recommend corn in any form… too harsh for an already up set gi tract… but what worked for us was a vetri science vitamin supplement to improve his appetite, as well as fresh foods ( only organic blue berries, apple slices w/o skin no seeds!, cucumber, banana, carrots, boiled chicken, boiled turkey and of course peanut (crazy Richard’s brand) only peanuts no additives. In addition to his Royal canin kibble. So far so good…. He was 2yrs in July’21 and about 90 lbs… hope this helps…

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    Andrea R

    Crazy Richards peanut butter….

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    Patricia A

    Uhhh So sorry to hear about all these digestive issues in your pup. No expert but maybe a few suggestions I have from experience . Find ONE quality food to feed. I go by this sites 5*. I believe the brands/proteins which are 5* has less fat to cause digestive issues. Then start feeding a FEW kibbles at a time at MANY times of day to keep stomach full and to get USED to kibble. SLOWLY increase. A LITTLE plain boiled WHITE MEAT only chicken breast with NO broth added. Maybe a string bean or two. Bile vomit is usually from empty stomach.

    The trick is MANY SMALL meals several times a day. But introduce the new kibble SLOWLY. New food will usually cause loose stools at first. But switching again will start the digestive problem over again. So give the new kibble a chance. Just go SLOWLY. If after a week or so he does well then divide feeding to three times a day. Stick to only the kibble.
    After several weeks you can add in other food as topper. Tiny pieces of lean steak, again boiled WHITE MEAT chicken breasts, canned no salt string bean or two. Keep the tummy full.
    Just stick to ONE kibble in the begin and give a chance to get used to. Hope I was of help a little .

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    Charlie L

    @ Andrea thank you for the response. We did give him a dose of flea/tick medication a month ago and the symptoms started about 3 weeks ago. I wonder…. What was the medication that your pup had issues with?

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    Andrea R

    The flea/tick medication was Fluralaner. It was given as a single dose in September and we really didn’t see a complete improvement until January since it is a time released formula . Our vet did give him a shot for nausea/diarrhea initially , and recommended the specific diet modifications I mentioned earlier. Another post recommended multiple feeding times/ smaller quantities, I think that is important as well. We keep with 3-4 small meals, almost snack size for our guy and he does well with that schedule.
    If you have any other questions feel free to reach me directly at [email protected]. Good luck I hope this start to improve soon🙂

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