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    I,ve been cooking chicken,quinoa,peas,and carrots sometimes for my dog. I add natures logic all food fortifier in it. This probable is not a complete diet for him so I don’t do it very often even though the fortifier seems like a complete diet. He loves cooked chicken so my question is if I order see spot live longer dinner mixes and add it to the chicken what else would I need to add for it to be complete. I want to start cooking for him but I can not do raw.I think I’m going to order the book by dr. Becker. Any easy ideas for complete dinner with chicken or beef would be appreciated.

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    See Spot Live Longer only needs boneless meat and oil added to it. If you are varying the meat then not so much with the oil.

    I think I heard that you need to add bone in meat or a source of calcium to the All Food Fortifier.

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