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    Since my Chi started having problems with her teeth, i have been trying to find the smallest kibble possible. I’m finding it difficult to locate actual photos of the kibble, surprisingly. If anyone can recommend a tiny 5star small breed kibble i would be very appreciative.

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    For something as small as a chi, why not go with canned? Sandy will be able to tell you which kibbles are small. I can tell you that Earthborn Holistic Grain Free has some small kibbles, especially Coastal Catch, but don’t use Great Plains Feast, they’re huge.

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    Nature’s Logic, Amicus (for toy breeds), Epigen (this is actually dog/cat food), Nutrisource small/med breed puppy (it’s for all life stages) and Nature’s Select Hi-Pro are the smallest kibbles I’ve used, and Simply Nourish small breed is tiny too.

    I actually emailed EVO before asking about the size of the kibble and they actually sent me a photo.

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    I second Sandys Natures Logic. I was surprised at how small it is. I do agree with Patty about canned and also, pre made raw and dehydrated. Grandma Lucy’s is chunky, the Honest Kitchen is smoother.

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    Some of these may be smaller than others….

    1. Wellness Core and Regular small breed
    2. Merrick
    3. Fromm – the grain frees, the 4star salmon, duck, chicken
    4. Holistic Select small breed
    5. Instinct
    6. Solid Gold Just a Wee Bit
    7. Earthborn Coastal Catch
    8. 4Health small breed bites
    9. Now! Small Breed
    10. Simply Nourish small breed

    Some of these may actually be rated 4 stars, not 5 but they are still good foods. There are even more I’ve not listed and I’m sure others will help.

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    Thanks everyone! 🙂

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    Halo, from what I have heard, has small kibble.

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