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    Kari P

    Hi! I’m pretty new to this group. I’ve been reading and reading, but feel more confused the more I read. I’ll think I’ve got the right foods option and then feel like I missed something. So, I thought I’d come here for some advice.

    We have a 10 week old golden doodle puppy. The breeder had her on Iams Puppy Smart for large breeds. After reading, I’m not super impressed with its quality. I’ve keep her on it for a couple weeks while she’s adjusting to her new home with us. Now, I’m ready to make a switch. I cannot spend mass amounts on dog food ($100 a bag kind of expensive), but want to give her quality food. I would love some suggestions.

    I’ve also got an adult 5 year old black lab. He’s been eating Nutrition because we thought it was a good food…until I found this website. Now, I’m certain he needs a new brand as well. I know they can’t eat the same thing because of the differences in age, but eventually I’d like them to both be reading the same food. So, I’d also like suggestions for quality dog food for this guy as well.

    Thanks all, in advance, for your help!

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    Kari P

    Sorry the title was missing the 10 week old puppy part!

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    Here is a link to large breed puppy foods on DFA put together by HDM. Hope this helps.

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    Hi Kari-

    I disagree that a puppy and 5 year old dog can’t eat the same food. You can absolutely feed the same food to both you would just maybe not feed the same amounts. Idk if you consider your dog a senior dog at 5, but if you do senior dogs need MORE protein than puppies and adult dogs contrary to popular belief. Senior diets are often very very low in protein however, a puppy food wouldn’t be. I never care about what the front of a bag says. My pitbull is currently eating a food marketed for “small breeds” lol. its just smaller kibble size and hes fine with it. I would have no problem feeding him puppy, adult or senior food as long as the ingredients were up to par for me and the nutrient profile was correct.

    Take a look at the list Dori linked. Those are all foods that have proper calcium levels for large breed puppies like your golden doodle. and please make sure you don’t overfeed as that, along with improper calcium/phos levels can cause many skeletal disorders like pano, OCD and hip dysplasia.

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    Hi Kari,
    pick a food from the list in the link that Dori shared. Both dogs may be able to eat the same thing; your lab is a bigger dog, may start in the coming years to have some joint issues/arthritis and grain free is best for that as grains can be inflammatory.

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