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    Lindsay D

    I need some advice. I’ve been feeding my dog raw for quite a while now and am very limited to the types of protein I can feed him as he is very picky. He has a hard time with red meat due to the blood so I’ve stuck to mainly chicken, turkey while also adding pork every so often. Recently it has been a struggle to get him to eat all raw. He is still healthy and happy, not losing weight etc… He will only eat his raw if I add cooked chicken or rice to it, which I feel may defeat the purpose of it. Anyhow I’m just looking for advice on other options and if anyone else has encountered this same scenario and how they dealt with this challenges.


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    Marisa J

    Hi! I work in a pet store and feed a raw diet for my dogs. I would try switching up brands of where you get the raw. Do you buy it from the grocery store or a pet store or hunt for it? Try switching up brands! If your puppy still wont eat the raw try adding bone broths on top. I really like the frozen bone broth from Primal! I’ve had some customers relate it to “crack” for their dogs.

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    Hi Lindsay,

    Some dogs are more sensitive than others when it comes to different smells, tastes and textures in their bowl. It is also nutritionally sound to feed a cooked diet. It can be helpful in dogs that either refuse to eat raw meat or in dogs that are weakened or older and do not digest raw meat well.

    Dr. Dobias has created a free Raw and Cooked Diet Course which contains videos and articles full of information on this subject;

    He also has an online Recipe Maker that helps dog lovers create healthy custom recipes. It provides guidance on amounts of each ingredient and which ingredients are best;

    Wishing you and your boy all the best in good health! 🙂

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    Viola P

    He love so much to eat chicken.

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    Mark B

    Try different types of meat I’d say, my dog really likes raw bison, but not beef for example. Never gave him wildgame since I’m afraid of parasites, but he likes cooked deer( I do get a few deer and hogs through the year with my M4 rifles https://gritrsports.com/shooting/firearms/rifles/m4-rifles/ ).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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