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    I have boarder collie/golden retriever mix and she is a wonderful dog but she is fat. I feed her Nutrisource grain free dog food I do not over feed her or feed her table scraps I don’t give her dog treats very often. She does a have a lot of energy and loves to play. If anyone has advice I would really appreciate it. I have a pets smart and pet co located near me and cost isn’t really a factor. Thanks for the help

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    Some dogs have trouble loosing weight on a diet high in carbs, so decreasing kibble and increasing canned food helps. Also, canned food is higher volume for the amount of calories, so if you feed the same volume, you will be feeding less calories, but in a more physically satisfying form.

    Do you measure your dog’s food? Eyeballing is a classic overfeeding issue.

    Unless there is an underlying medical problem like thyroid disease, weight control is a matter of calories in, calories out. So even though you think you aren’t overfeeding, your dog has a slower metabolism and requires even less food than you are currently feeding. You can handle this two ways, feed less calories and/or exercise more. Intervals of high intensity exercise burn calories best, so going for a walk, then throwing in a quick game of fetch in the middle, before completing the walk is a great way to loose calories. Anywhere you can build more activity into your dog’s day is a good thing.

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    I used Wellness Core reduced fat with great luck. While I haven’t used it, I’ve heard good things about Annamaet lean.

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