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    I recently purchased Crave Dog food when it was on sale. My two dogs had been eating Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight formula, but neither liked it. I transitioned to Crave Lamb and Venison and one dog really liked it and the other took a few bites and then left it alone and waited until I guess she was hungry enough to finish. On my next trip back to the store, I found that they were completely out of the Lamb so I purchased a small bag of Crave Salmon and Ocean Fish. It was my own fault for waiting until I had run out and assuming that the store would have what I needed. I didn’t know how they would tolerate a switch in protein formula.

    The dog that didn’t like the Lamb loves the Salmon and the dog that liked the Lamb eats the Salmon (to be honest he’d eat almost anything) but sometimes he’ll let it sit before he does.

    Can I mix the two formulas and feed them both at the same time? Or could it lead to digestive upset?

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    You should be fine mixing them. Just watch their poops. If you have dogs with healthy stomachs changing flavors within a brand shouldnt matter much.

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    Rose C

    I mix all the time because I buy at least 4 different flavors, all Wellness, and have never had a problem. I don’t want my dog dependent on one food in case they discontinue it. And I think variety is good to stop them from being too fussy.

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    Tom M

    You could mix but one dog might not like it that way, each dog wanting a different taste.
    Variety in food for dogs would be the best, with a few brands & some fresh home made on
    top, most dogs love that

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