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    So I am wanting to get Moose Micro Chipped. The reason being I travel a ton. Not many people are going to know that he belongs to me if any people at all.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Have had their dogs microchipped? I’m a little leery as I’ve read that they have migrated and caused issues. I also read that the Home Again service is a rip off having to pay yearly.

    What kind of chip are in your dogs?

    Moose has his last puppy vaccines Friday and I was going to ask the vet their opinion on this as well however I always take what they say and do my own research of it before making my final decision.

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    HI there-

    Some of my dogs are chipped, and some are not. Some have Home Again, some Avid-all depended on where the dog came from. Some of the older chips would migrate to different locations then where it was implanted(between the shoulder blades) I have a 13 yr old whom this occurred with, or at least I am assuming so as the chip is not directly in between the shoulders(she was chipped by the pet store she came from, we rescued her from the owner) I have not found this to occur in any of the chips implanted by either a vet, or myself in the past 15 yrs. Placement is important. You can feel her chip when you run your fingers lightly over the spot, so its probably not placed correctly.

    Some chips operate at different frequencies and some brands require different scanners to read them-for example, my Universal chip reader will read most, but a few it will merely indicate the presence of a chip, w/out providing the ID number,. I then do a secondary scan with the Avid scanner. So far, one of the other has picked up the chips and read them. Whichever chip you decide on, and whichever registry is up to you.

    The placement-done with a larger gauge needle and if you looked at it, you would be horrified by the gauge, lol. With that said, I would say 99 percent of the dogs do not react to it-same as most vaccines. More reactions, in my experience tend to be from the very tiny or the very thin(and FYI, i will not chip a skinny dog for this reason, as well as assuring proper placement-you should not be able to feel a properly inserted chip.

    I am a firm believer, especially for those that travel w/their pet alot, or allow them to run free or have dogs that bolt and run away, the dog should be chipped. Collars can get lost and it may be the only way for the dog to be returned to the proper owner. W/out it, you are at the mercy of the 3-7 day stray hold and being able to locate the dog in a timely manner is extremelly important.

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    Well he is an American Bull Dog so I’m not sure you would consider that to be skinny. What do you mean by skinny? Like short coat? His coat is very thin and I will be trying to keep him on the lean side.

    I guess I just have to look up and read about different chip brands. I just worry about migration of the chip, but I suppose people could have that issue with any chip. I do plan on having it done by a vet.

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    I just recently had my lab puppy micro-chipped. I did this while he was getting neutered. My vet recommended petlink.net and that is who I went with. I pay a one time fee and that is it. It is your responsibility to update your profile should you ever move or change your phone number. The website was very easy to use. Hope this helps as well.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I had Gertie chipped at the shelter I work at, we use 24-hour Pet Watch. Her chip has migrated a bit and she’s only 2. Haven’t had Gus or Mabel chipped – if they got away on me I don’t think I’d want someone to know where to return them lol 😉

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    Skinny as in under weight.

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    Brooklyn was micro chipped at the shelter before I could take her home. I have had absolutely no problems with it, and although I have never had to use it it does give me a little peace of mind for one of those what if situations.

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    shelties mom
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    See,I see the word tattoo and I get ll excited, til I realize you’re talking about a dogs tattoo, lol

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    The problem with a tattoo is that its pretty hard to keep updating it if you move, change phone numbers etc : )

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    Jackie B

    HomeAgain doesn’t charge a yearly fee to reveal your info to someone who finds your dog; the fee covers a subscription to the emergency vet line, insurance to get your dog back if he is found over 500 miles away, and to change your info. There is also a pay one lifetime fee option.

    24PetWatch is what the rescue I volunteer with uses. It is basic but inexpensive.

    I believe all dogs should be microchipped. It is very safe and I have heard many stories of pets getting back home due to microchips!

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