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    Jennifer H

    I’ve portioned out 1 week of raw food for my 13lb Maltese. He is slightly overweight. I plan on feeding raw in the evenings, and continuing his morning meal of kibble + wet food.

    Atm I can’t find another secreting organ meat besides liver, but I am currently looking for something.

    This is what I’ve portioned out so far. Each meal is between 2.5 to 3 oz. He has 1oz of beef liver cut into 4 portions for throughout the week.

    Day 1 Beef Liver, Chicken Gizzard
    Day 2 Beef Liver, Pork Tail
    Day 3 Chicken Gizzard, Beef Heart
    Day 4 Beef Liver, Chicken Neck
    Day 5 Beef Heart, and a smidge of chicken skin/fat
    Day 6 Chicken Thigh
    Day 7 Pork Tail, Beef Liver

    Does this sound balanced, minus the missing other organ? I would like to add more proteins and variety, and some fish.

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    Are you using his goal weight for his portion size split in half since he is only eating one meal of raw?

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    Jennifer H

    Yes, my goal weight is 11 lbs, so 2.5 oz per meal at 3%. Some meals are 3oz, those are the RMB portions because I try to keep the bones pretty big so he can’t swallow them whole. He’s usually a good chewer though. I let him have a pork tail for fun this afternoon and he had a blast. I was surprised he limited himself, he only ate half.

    I know 3% is a bit high, but I worry about blood sugar, and I had seen a few people suggest feeding up to 4% to small dogs.

    I also have a small flock of backyard chickens and he will get a raw egg 2x a week. He refuses to eat the shell though, even if I break it up.

    Are tinned sardines okay? I can get them in brine or oil. Not sure which is best…

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    Jennifer H

    Forgot to mention, he gets 1/8th cup Taste of the Wild (high prairie) with about a tblspn of wet for breakfast.

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