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    “For those of you that use Malaseb shampoo for your pets per recommendation of your vet, you may be finding that it is out of stock everywhere except for the small bottle (not cost effective for us)”

    “We have decided to try this shampoo, our vet says that it is a good alternative.
    The ingredients are different…..we will see”.
    Dechra Mal-A-Ket Shampoo

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    “Dermcare Malaseb” Medicated Shampoo is the original Malaseb shampoo…
    100% Australian owned and operated company founded in 1981 by Professor Kenneth Mason a registered specialist Veterinary Dermatologist…

    Malaseb Medicated Shampoo is an antibacterial, antifungal and antipruritic shampoo for dogs and cats. It is formulated to remove scale, degrease the skin and kill cutaneous microrganisms which primarily or secondarily cause dermatitis.
    Malaseb shampoo has a nice smell it shouldnt smell bad, it’s a white silky shampoo & leaves your dog feeling so soft & silky, you only need a small amount of Dermcare shampoo….

    A medium size 500ml bottle of Dermcare Malaseb lasts 2-3yrs +, depending how big dog is & how much you bath your dog, I’m still using my 500ml Malaseb bottle I bought 2 Summers ago its still 1/2 full, Patch is a medium size Staffy, he’s bathed twice a week in Spring & Summer months….Once a month in Winter depending if he’s scratching….

    Malaseb has a expiry date so anything bigger then 500ml is way too much, my 500ml Malaseb bottle will expire 10/19 so I wont be able to use again next Summer 2019-20…
    Buying anything bigger then 500ml is a waste of money, you’ll be throwing it away..
    Make sure you Check Malaseb shampoo expire date.

    There’s a few Australian Online Pet Store who sell to American customers some have free delivery.
    Try the Original Dermcare Malaseb medicated shampoo & you’ll see a big difference in your itchy smelly dog…

    Here’s Mega Pet Store who sell to US customers,
    they have the 250ml Dermcare Malaseb bottle, it’s the perfect size shampoo bottle for a small to medium size dog, it will last 2+ Summers & Winters then the use date will probably expire…

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    I buy it in the gallon size (cost effective) and use it as my veterinary dermatologist recommends in conjunction with other prescribed treatments.

    My veterinarian confirms the product mentioned from PetEdge (1st post) is comparable to Malaseb.

    Malaseb’s label has changed and it has been impossible to find it in the larger sizes.
    I have also noted a price increase.

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