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    I think that we need to have this thread.

    We need to be able to place all info and media we come across about AAFCO’s “Meat and Bone Meal” ingredient in one place, to refer visitors and encourage them to read it. Many dog foods people routinely buy contain it.

    Rather than just individually try to explain to each new visitor who comes to this site saying . . .

    What’s wrong with X dog food?
    I/others have fed it for years.
    My dogs like this food.
    My dog is “fat and healthy.” Glossy coat.
    My dog has tons of energy, runs around all day doing xyz.
    At least it’s not all corn, soy, and grains. It’s got real meat! What’s wrong with that?
    All dog foods are the same. This one isn’t overpriced like the others.
    I had a dog who lived 15, 20 yrs on X brand.
    My dog’s never been sick a day, never has to go to the vet.
    My dog’s poops are always normal/super small.

    . . . and explaining individually each time what the ingredient can include and why to avoid it in dog foods, or have someone feel we are “picking on” just his specific brand/formula, we can refer them to one place. Let’s KEEP putting more references, expose articles, evidence here.

    To start off:


    Graphic Video Evidence: Pets Rendered into Commerical Dog and Cat Food (FF to about 4:24):

    ***related 2010 thread discussion at http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1163244/pg5

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