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    Hi All!

    So I moved in January for a new job. Max had been eating half raw and half THK for about 3-4 months at that time. I continued that routine for the first month or two after the move but he was losing interest. I tried THK’s new base mix when it came out but he only ate it once or twice before he decided he didn’t want to eat THK anymore. He has been eating at least some THK since I got him, about 6 years, so I guess he just got tired of it? I tried several other similar products with little success- NRG Maxim, NRG Optima, Grandma Lucy’s Valor, and Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance. On these other foods, he was pooping in the house while I was at work and was never regular. When he was on THK, he was pooping so regular I could set my watch by it. So I tried each food for about a month. I figured that was enough time to see if his system would regulate. It never did and I got tired of cleaning up poop in my house. So frustrated, I tried Orijen and Zignature kibbles too to see if they would work. No improvement. I was at my wits end a couple weeks ago and decided to try Brother*s Complete kibble. It has worked like magic. I feed Max 1 cup of kibble and 1/2 lb of raw at each meal (3x/day). He is back to pooping like clockwork. He hasn’t pooped in the house since we started the BC kibble with his raw. I am so happy I found something that works for him!

    Has anyone else had a similar experience with certain foods just going right through their dogs? I still have no clue why system was so wacky with those foods yet was fine with THK.


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