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    Ben H

    Was hoping the experts can help. I have, almost 4 month old, lab puppies. Currently they are on blue wilderness puppy. I am looking to switch them to adult food around 5-6 months (thoughts?) and wanted recommendations. There is a ton of info on the site but difficult to find my similar situation. Looking for price range that would be similar. Thanks for any help.

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    5-6 months is too young for a large breed puppy to change foods. Check out the large and giant breed puppy thread and read through the information there. There is also a list of foods that meet the criteria for a lgp, around page 35.

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    Ben H

    Thx. I knew I came across that list before. Lol. Benefits/drawbacks for the labs in regards to grain free vs. Grain inclusive?

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    Most of us that post regularly on this site lean towards feeding grain free. But that is not to say that all grain free foods are superiior. Many are full of starchy peas and potatoes. It just depends on the food and your dogs. I feed both. It’s best to try to maximize protein and minimize carbs. In the case of large breed pups, I think feeding a reputable brand with the appropriate calcium levels is the most important. You will want them to stay on a puppy or all life stages food until they are at least a year old to give your dogs the best shot at avoiding joint issues. Like mentioned above, there is a list of recommended foods on the large breed puppy thread on this forum on page 35 or 36. Also, the editor’s choice section has some listed as well. It’s best to keep the calcium percentage between .9 and 1.35 max. Good luck!

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    Jane E

    I’d consider Acana…it’s a great company with superior foods….Lots of Boxer people go right into that when weaning and they do very well

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