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    Jenn H

    I have 9 month old GSD. Pretty much every week of his life he has gained 2 lb/wk.
    For the past month he hasn’t gained anything. He does look like he’s grown longer & taller. But not putting on weight for this long has me worried.
    He doesn’t have any medical issues, no diarrhea, no known reason for it.
    I feed him 41/2 cups Solid Gold Wolf Cub spread out 3x/day.
    He gets about 2 Tbsp pumpkin.
    I don’t want to feed him more as I’m afraid to go over the max calcium.
    I started adding high calorie goop to his food. So far hasn’t worked.
    Any suggestions????
    Maybe a food with higher fat/calories???

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    Jenn H

    I have figured out the reason for his sudden lack of weight gain. He should be getting about 2500 calories/day. Feeding the suggested amount he’s only getting 1550.
    Any suggestions on high calorie puppy food that doesn’t exceed 1.5% calcium on dry matter basis?

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    Have you read the stickie, highlighted in yellow, in the Diet & Health issues forum?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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