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    Sarah M

    Hi, can anyone tell me if Kroger’s new Abound dog foods are any good? They claim to be healthy and advertise that they have “no corn, no wheat, no soy, no animal by-product meals, and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives”. But I’ve just never been good at reviewing dog food on my own (always relied on this site). They have three dry dog food, Chicken and Brown Rice, Salmon and Sweet Potato, and Lamb and Brown Rice. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Right now my pup is on Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete (5 Stars) in the winter and Premium Edge Healthy Weight I Weight Reduction (5 stars) in the summer (It’s too hot to go outside so she gains weight easily during these months).

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    They appear to be around 3-4 star grain inclusive recipes.

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    Molly M

    I have a 1 and half year old German Shepherd Labrador hybrid. We got her at 6 months old and she threw up every morning and had diarrhea constantly. When it wasn’t diahrrea, the poops were still yellow. We had assumed she was getting pesticides in her when our apartment complex sprayed the grass, and tried walking her on the road. It worked for a while but then continued to happen. Finally we decided it was food. We put her on a “Bland Diet” of boiled rice and ground turkey to detox her system and began researching new dog foods. We were struggling with how expensive they were being a newly wed couple just starting new jobs. We were contemplating a raw diet because it was the cheapest natural option, but then we found Abound at Kroger and got very excited, because it wasn’t much more than a raw diet, and dry food is much less hassle. She has been on Abound for 2 months now and has not thrown up once, and her poops are finally more solid, and brown in color. We are stoked! We will continue to use Abound! She has gained back her weight after losing 12 pounds, and looks and plays like she’s very healthy again.

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    Molly M

    Also – she eats the salmon and sweet potato, and gets VERY excited at food time

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