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    A relative’s dog just dx with Cushings. Because if his work schedule he feeds kibble. Personally I make my own dog food but I am trying to help his dog. I need to know which kibble might be the best, apparently should be high protein/ low fat/no grains for Cushings. I would appreciate some ideas which one to buy for him to give to his dog so I can at least supply him with a good one. I know canned would be best but its a big dog and I know he will want to give kibble 🙁 thanks brit

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    My angel dog had cushings and I fed her venison with no grain, but also feed her frozen raw chicken dog food.

    I was part of a cushings forum called K9Cushings they were my life line to getting through understanding everything that came along with the disease.

    Good luck!


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    mary s

    I fed Halo Salmon kibble (I also cooked for him). The University of Tennessee has an alternative protocol now for Cushings dogs, You can look it up on their website under the Endocrinology Dept. I used melatonin and 7 HMR lignans (got it from Swansons)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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