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    Donna G B

    It is very interesting indeed. Now I don’t feel so bad about this. Being misguided is awful. I was getting so MAD that almost ALL of the top dog foods had carrageenan in them. I called “Wellness” and they told me the same thing this site says. Golly, what we go through for our little fur kids. Family and we ALL want to do what’s right for them.

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    Hi Donna-
    Thanks for the link. Carrageenan is confusing and it depends on who you ask whether it is an ok ingredient or not.
    I feed mostly pate canned foods to my cats. I struggle to find very many brands without carrageenan. I don’t really know what to think? I definitely try to find some without it. I like to feed them a few different brands and flavors.
    I feed my dogs mostly canned stews to mix in their kibble. Therefore, it’s easy to find canned without it for them since it a thickener and not found in most stew type foods.
    Who knew feeding our furries could be so complicated! LOL!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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