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    Lihan Z

    My corgi puppy is having pro plan right now, he is almost finished with the food and I want to get him the best I can get the next time. The vet told me not to get blue buffalo, because they never talk to vets and never attend conferences. I looked over the GMO-free category and I have never heard of most brands. Everyone is saying something different. After a little bit of research, I think I’ll get Wellness Core Small Breed Formula for my pup. Before I go ahead and purchase, does anyone have some better ideas? Thanks

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    I think that Wellness Core is a great idea! It is a highly regarded food on this site. I feed it to my cats occasionally. It’s a little expensive to feed my dogs, however. I have two large lab mix dogs. They eat a lot! LOL! Remember, you don’t have to pick just one food. You can start a rotational diet. There is information on this method on the library tab on the home page of the review site. Good luck!

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    Lihan Z

    Thanks! I also found “Go! Fit and Free”, sounds really well to me. Both of their dry and canned food are GMO free.

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    Lihan, there are many good foods out there. The best thing to do is rotate between brands and also protein types – some well-regarded foods are Annamaet, Dr. Tim’s, Victor, Wellness, GO!, Now! Fresh, Earthborn Holistic to name a few. I don’t think all of them are GMO-free, but they are quality foods nonetheless. You can also supplement with canned sardines, fish oil, coconut oil (those three do wonders for skin and coat), probiotics/digestive enzymes/yoghurt/kefir/canned plain pumpkin, cottage cheese, and if particularly “adventurous” – a raw egg here and there and maybe some raw too or Raw Meaty Bones (RMBs – like chicken wings, legs, necks, backs, pork neck bones, beef ribs, etc.) Or, even some good-quality canned or dehydrated will do the trick! 🙂

    Shopping online is usually easy and convenient and websites such as http://www.petflow.com , http://www.chewy.com , http://www.wag.com , http://www.petfooddirect.com , etc. usually have good deals that you will know of if you sign up for their emails.

    Good luck, happy feeding and rotating, and don’t hesitate to post any and all questons you have – the crowd on this site is amazingly knowledgeable and supportive.

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    Hi Lihan,

    I think that both Wellness and Go! are great choices. I regularly use Wellness Core Small Breed for my Cavalier. She loves it and the Wellness Core Ocean and does amazingly well on both. I have some Go! on hand to try her on soon and also like the looks of Now Fresh, which is also made by Petcurean, although the protein is a bit low.

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