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    Kathy R

    Hi Everyone,
    New to the site, just adopted a rescue and brought him home 2 days ago. We have not had a dog for 10 years so I have a lot to learn! But first things first…he needs a name. Family is in total disagreement on the name…poor boy! Current name he came with will not work as it is also my son’s name. Can I get some thoughts on the below choices?
    He is a 65# Aussie/Border Collie/Retriever mix…pix coming soon.

    Or please add any great male dog names that you’ve got. Thank you!

    Bowie (we are David Bowie fans…started adoption process the day he died)
    Audi or Audie (son is a car lover)
    Kyrie (like the basketball guy)

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    Molly M

    I actually like Brodie (not Bodie)-I think it would be mispronounced a lot.
    Other ideas. Sampson, Milo . It is such a personal choice though! Good luck.

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    Hi Kathy R-
    Congratulations on your new family member! I think you have to go with Bowie! Our dogs are named after sports stars. I think it’s a fun way to go. Best wishes!

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    I like Bowie, because if it doesn’t quite fit…..you could call him Bo, for short, a perfectly respectful name.

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    Congrats on the new dog! I really like Dexter 🙂 I also like Levi and Stensen (I’m from Texas lol)

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    Hi Kathy R

    Congratulations, how exciting!!!

    Ziggy Lives ;}

    Okay, some quick advice. You are what you eat, fresh is best. Most dogs are waaay over vaccinated. The vet makes a lot of money off of those friendly reminders. Please research a minimal vaccine schedule.

    Good luck, your cat will need it! Just kidding 😉

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    Hi, thank-you for adopting a rescue dog, they know that they have been saved & he will give so much love in return…..I like Bowie, BOW when he’s naughty, or put 3 names you all want to call him, wrap the paper with name with kibble inside the paper & let him pick his name out of a bowl, the first bit of paper he pick up will be his name…just don’t let him eat the paper lol… also routine, get him in a routine ASAP, he’ll settle in quicker….

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