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    Kathy H

    I am starting my dog on a homemade cooked diet. I prepared for her the other day a cooked chicken/turkey with quinoa, baby green peas and a cooked carrot. This is why:
    She had bouts of diarrhea and started to vomit after three days. Vet said the dog food is becoming an issue these days. It was a new bag, same dog food I have feed her for years but I have noticed her having this issue (without the vomiting) all this past Summer with every new bag. After a day or two, she would settle out back to normal. This time she did not. I had wondered about it being the dog food but after a week ago my vet confirmed my suspicion. Her bowels checked after the very first meal. 🙂

    Tonight I cooked the following for her, what I am needing to know is what I put together tonight, is it a good complete nutrition? She is 16 and in good health. I plan on doing three or four different meal batches (freeze the bulk) each week to feed her a change up in her weekly of meals. I plan on making her a batch of fish (baked flounder) with good calcium source, omegas and fiber in the batch.

    Is this a good mix of nutrition for her?

    1 lb Laura’s beef 96% fat free
    2 scrambled eggs, cooked without oil-along with the shells ground into a powder-(calcium)
    1/2 cup Greek yogurt for the calcium and the probiotics
    1 cup baby peas
    1/2 large sweet potato
    1 cup cooked white rice (all I have in pantry right now)
    1 TBLSP Dried homemade mix of rainbow chard/kale, organic–high in vitamins A, K, and C, as well as fibre and protein
    1 TBSP Ground flax seed–high in good omega’s

    I feed her a meal of this tonight and she licked her bowl all over the kitchen floor, trying her best to make sure she didn’t miss a drip in her bowl, LOL!

    Just want to know if this will be a good recipe to make for her. I am also going to give her some liver for treats during the week, not a lot, and some other things to keep her calcium and lot of vitamins up, not to miss anything.

    Sorry for the book! 🙂

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    Hi Kathy, she eating better then me, my boy has problems with peas, gas & very soft poos but ur girl might be different, how have all her poos been? also boiled pumkin is good to add, not to much as it can either make sloppy poos or harden their poos…as long as she has stopped vomiting & doing firm poos your doing a real good job, I found it works out cheaper home cooking & you know what they are eating & its healthier then premium kibble.
    Maybe add some glucosamine powder over her meals, I use to give my old girl 1 teaspoon with breakfast & 1 teaspoon with her dinner, she weighed 35kilos…I just buy the human glucosamine powder its cheaper then the dogs Sashas blend..

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    I’m not the one to figure out if your recipe is actually balanced, but the one thing I did notice is with your omega 3. First of all, flax is not a good source of omega 3s for dogs. Flax is rich in ALA, but dogs are not efficient at converting ALA to the forms of omega 3s that they actually need, DHA and EPA. Also, cooking omegas is not good. They need to be added fresh right before feeding.

    You may want to look on Dogaware dot com for more recipes. And Dr Karen Becker has a great book “Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats” that will help you learn about everything that needs to go in your dogs diet and will give you more recipes. Feeding variety will help keep the diet balanced.

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    Participant has a homemade diet section and gives supplement information. You might check it out. I’ve also used the recipe book “Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats” which also includes a vitamin mix recipe to be included in the meat/veg recipes.

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    Kathy H

    Thanks for the advice BcNut,
    I didn’t cook the flax meal, I sprinkle that over the mixture after it was done, and also the egg shell/sweet potato sauce, I poured that over the mix, then mixed it all through. I have put her servings up in fridg containers for two days, giving her the last of her chicken in the morning for breakfast. Hubby is bringing home some chicken livers tonight and I plan on giving her 1 or two of those this week as a treat.
    I have also made 4 patties left in the freezer to put away for another day. Altogether I got 10 meals out of the mix.

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    Kathy H

    Thanks Susan, She just loved it! She actually licked her little bowl all over the kitchen floor trying to get every little drop out of the bowl, LOL! I know she liked it! 🙂

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    Kathy H

    I am not much for the store bought vitamins after what I read today as to where 90% of them are coming from now (China). That just worries me so much. I don’t even add them to my diet. I try to get all of them that I can through my diet. Like the organic kale I buy locally, I wash and spin dry the leaves and then dehydrate them in my Excalibur. Then I crush them and store them in a vacuum sealed mason jar.
    Guess you can tell I have gotten sort of picky in my old age, LOL! 🙂

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    Kathy H

    Oh yes, one more question, how do I upload a profile pic? 🙂

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    Kathy H

    Thank you pugmomsandy, I am checking out their website now 🙂

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    Scroll down to “Contact us” down the bottom on ur right click, then click on “How do I add a custom image to my profile” click, then in smaller blue writing u’ll see “visit the gravatar website” click, then up the top right corner where ur photo goes, just next to ur username email, hold ur mouse around the picture box where picture should go & 4 things will come up.. add my image, add email address, change password, log out, click on add my image, then u can up load ur photo. I hope this isnt confussing if it is, click on “Help” & u’ll work it out…

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    To upload a profile pic, go to and create an account. I know it sounds more time-consuming then needed, but it really doesn’t take that long.

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    Kathy H

    Thanks but I don’t think I want to do that. I have a bunch of sites where I use different profile pics and some of them can’t be the same.

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    Hildie V

    From what I have learned from a few books and sites I have read the guidelines for homemade food without using bones is this:

    65% meat
    10% organ
    25% veggies

    1 tsp of fresh ground eggshell per lb of food fed
    Salmon oil daily
    Vitamin e daily

    I also add in a mineral and vitamin mix and a probiotic and digestive enzymes

    If your dog doesn’t keep weight on with this you can increase the veggies to 40%, using mostly sweet potato or regular potato or a winter squash and use 10% organ and 50% meat

    Yogurt isn’t enough of a calcium supplement, it balances itself but not the entire diet

    You can also add fish a few times a week and eggs if they work for your dog

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    Kathy H

    the yogurt + the kale/chard both are rich in calcium, and the egg shell do too I believe, not positive on that one. Kale/chard per oz. has a lot more calcium than milk and dairy.

    I gave her a treat also yesterday of one chicken liver. Tomorrow I am giving her the fish mix.

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    Hildie V

    For every bit of meat (phosphorous) you need calcium to balance the ratio

    The amount in kale and yogurt isn’t enough. Phosphorous depletes calcium. That is why dogs on raw and bones don’t need supplement because the bone calcium rations the meat phosphorous

    When not giving bones you *need* to add calcium, I don’t like calcium pills because you can get it by powdered eggshell

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    Kathy H

    I did, I ground raw eggs shells into a sauce and poured over her beef mix

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