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    patty S

    I have a havanese 3 year old female that needs to lose some weight. I had her on Wellness Core weight management dry food but she still kept gaining. I now am giving her a frozen raw pork pattie (1/2/ a day) and it seems to be maintaining the same weight for several months, but still not losing. She seems to be doing better with her scratching, and she has energy . But I wonder if raw food is really all everyone says it is. What do you all think? Is it really worth the price or is it just hype?

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    Would you eat processed foods that have to have artificial vitamin packs added to your foods? Or would you prefer a balanced fresh food diet? Same for dogs. Whether you do a cooked or raw diet there is no competition when comparing the burnt little rocks we call commercial dog food. Granted fresh diets aren’t for everyone as it can be time consuming and if you have a large dog or a lot of dogs it can be expensive. If you shop wisely and make your own meals for small dogs it’s no more expensive then buying a premium kibble.

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    Hope these articles help. When you do “research” you are going to get all kinds of opinions.
    Homeopathic veterinarians have very different views on diet than traditional veterinarians.
    So you will get a lot of conflicting information, and some of it will not be accurate. excerpt below

    “Raw diets are another popular option on the market today. Studies have shown that 20-35% of raw poultry and 80% of raw food dog diets tested contained Salmonella. This poses a health risk for your pet, but also for humans. This is especially true for children or immunocompromised adults, whether exposed to the raw food directly, or the feces of the pet eating the raw food. Additionally, there is increased risk of other bacterial infections and parasitic diseases when feeding raw diets. And the bottom line is there is no reason to believe raw food is healthier than cooked food”.

    “The numerous dietary choices for your pet can be daunting but if you pick an AAFCO approved food made by a manufacturer with a long track record, odds are good that you will find a suitable food for your pet. Most of the large pet food companies employ full time veterinary nutritionists and have very high quality control standards. That is not to say that a small company cannot produce nutritious and high quality food, but you should check out their website if it’s a company that is not familiar to you. Take the time to research, and ask your veterinarian if you have specific questions or concerns”

    “Please understand that this article is meant to provide basic dietary guidelines for healthy pets. If your pet has specific health issues, then your veterinarian may make specific food recommendations, which may include special prescription diets”

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    patty S

    She has dry skin and scratches all the time. I have tried a homeopathic treatment for itching cuased by environmental allergies but so far there is only a slight improvement. The vet did give her a shot last year that worked great for the itching but I hate to keep using that as my research showed it wasn’t a great choice. I do give her coconut oil. I am at my wits end. I tried the raw diet and she likes it and is healthy except overweight still. Anyway, thank you.

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    Please consult a veterinary dermatologist. Your dog is young, environmental allergies get worse with age, not better.

    See my posts on the topic. /forums/search/environmental+allergies/

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    Hi Patty-

    I think thats a really great question you are asking, but unfortunetly difficult to answer, so I will give you pros and cons.

    Pros (from what I’ve heard) from a raw diet is healthy teeth, small stool, evidence of help with allergic dogs. Cons are pathogen exposure, potentially not balancing the meals correctly, possible GI obstruction from bone content.

    Weight loss can be tricky. The key is to burn more calories than what is being consumed. If she is not active and is still getting extras in her diet (like the pork pattie and other treats), but isn’t getting enough exercise to burn off those calories, she will not lose weight even on a raw diet. And yes, I’ve seen overweight dogs on raw diets. Raw isn’t a cure all for weight control. You, the owner, still have to put in the work and get the dog exercising. Walks are good, fetch in the yard is good. We use something called a “flirt pole” with my dog to burn calories. The big thing is going to be no more treats! Also, you will need to make sure that everyone in your household is on board with trying to help her lose the weight. Explain to them that she can live up to 2 years longer if you help her lose weight and yall want to keep her around for as long as possible.

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    Hi Patty,
    are you walking her daily, throwing a ball in the yard or park for 20mins X 3 times a day? Excerise will help her lose weight, get her into a routine with her excerising, eat meals the same time, feed 3 small meals a day, if she is hungry then start adding beans with her raw food or as a treat, buy the frozen beans, make sure she goes on daily walks, same time everyday…
    A raw diet does make the dog lose weight, cause they are not eating all those carbs that’s in dry processsed kibbles, they are eating what their bodies have been build to eat, raw food, a dog has a short digestive tract made to quickly digest raw meat & move quickly into the small bowel before any bacteria starts to breed, the raw meat moves thru the stomach quickly into the small bowel then large bowel then poo…
    A raw diet is healthier, higher in protein & higher fat what a dog needs….
    I’ve just started my 9yr boy on Dehydrated Raw Diet. “Frontier Pets” due to declining health, I have to try everything before I put him to sleep, I just wish I started him on this dehydrated raw diet earlier when it came out… I know in the past my boy lost weight when he was eating a home made raw diet, I didnt want him to lose weight, I had to increase his raw diet to keep his weight on, the home made raw diet stopped his yeasty smelly skin, stopped his red paws, then I started a raw elimination diet & found he can not eat chicken, it was the chicken causing his red paws & itchy smelly skin, he also suffers with Seasonal Environment Allergies as well Spring & Summer & baths are best for environment allergies, you wash off the allergens that’s on their skin & paws……
    Are you bathing her weekly or twice a week? or as soon as you see her really scratching, rolling around on carpet grass scratching herself give her a bath in a medicated shampoo, it will reduce her itchy skin & paws. I use “Malaseb” Medicated Shampoo for Patch, the Malaseb kills any bacteria or yeast on his skin & paws, relieves his itchy skin & red paws, puts moisture back into his skin & leaves him feeling so soft & silky.. Buy some Malaseb shampoo & start bathing weekly or every 5 days especially now Spring is here….
    Look for a raw wet diet or dry air dried raw diet or dehydrated raw diet & stop the Wellness Core dry kibble, if you have 1/4 to 1/2 a bag of the Core then take it back to pet shop & buy her some more raw food, just feed her the raw diet for 1 month & you will see a difference, have you looked at Ziwi Peak air dried & wet can food raw? Ziwi Peak has limited ingredients & good for dogs who have food sensitivities & environment allergies, You don’t need to feed as much as you do with the dry kibble, the 1/2 a cup comes in the Ziwi Peak bag, here’s their site contact Ziwi Peak if you have any questions.

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    Sloane K

    Patty –

    It’s a very controversial topic right now, but just like with humans, cutting down portion sizes & introducing more exercise is a great way to burn fat. You could also replace any treats you give your dog with healthier options such as carrots, for example. There’s a chance your pup is not receiving the right nutrients, either. Any diet, raw or not, should be balanced to allow for your pup to receive different nutrients throughout the day.

    However, I am not a licensed professional & I always advise people to consult their veterinarian before introducing new diet plans to their pet – including a raw food diet.

    Wish your pup the best.

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