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    My GSD, five years old, has had lifelong skin issues. Allergy shots for three years did not work. He has no fleas. He is currently on cyclosporine and ketoconazole which was effective at first but less and less. He’s back to biting bloody holes in himself. He eats raw and Primal and Origen, bolstered by lots of exercise and attention—alot of attention. He cannot be left alone or he bites. I’m now trying herbal calming tincture, nordic fish oil, and coconut oil—still biting. Here’s my question for the forum: I would like to try iodine but how much? Maybe he has a thyroid condition. He has a beautiful coat, weighs 106 and other than bite mutilation, perfectly healthy. Any input from the savvy, informed, and experienced will be appreciated.

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    IF you think he has a thyroid condition, you need to have blood work done at a vet, Never play around with the thyroid and supplementing iodine. You can cause permanent issues.

    I have only skin dog and when she used to have flareups, we used the ketoconazole spray which worked better than anything orally. She has not had an issue in quite a few months, so they do believe its seasonal.

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    I know the dangers involved and do plan some blood work. Did you get the Keto spray from a dermatologist?

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    No regular vet that prescribed the oral. She took the oral to handle thd secondary infection shd created bg chewing coupled with fhe spray. Now if we notice her lick or chew a spot a spritz of the spray seems to handle it.

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    I agree with blood work to check for thyroid. Have you seen a veterinary dermatologist?

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    Yes, we’ve seen a vet dermatologist for the last 3yrs. with varying results. As stated above, our boy is currently on the meds mentioned and though he has improved, the condition persists. Some weeks are very good, others poor and it gets exacerbated when he is stressed or in an unusual place, without us, etc. Can’t not keep an eye on this beast or he chews holes in himself. I’m thinking it’s half mental…

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