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    kenneth r

    Our min-pin has had an ongoing staph and yeast infection in his ears and on the skin. The vet seems to think it’s a food allergy. He is now on royal canin protein food, rabbit and potato. He was on fish and sweet potato before, and don’t see any change.This has gone on for 2 years now and we are no closer to an answer. Need help !

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    Hi Kenneth, I cant see the Royal Canine Rabbit & Potato diet helping as Potatoes are very starchy & yeast loves sugar & starchy carbs… can you feed a raw diet?? I started a raw diet thru a Naturopath cause my boy has IBD & skin problems, within 2-3 days his red stinky paws cleared up, shaking his head with itchy ears stopped, no more stinky dog after just 1 week, I couldn’t believe it, I bath him in Malaseb medicated shampoo aswell & his smell has not come back on the raw diet..
    I feed Kangaroo mince & blended broccoli head, 1 apple peeled, 5 celery sticks & 1 carrot peeled, all blended in a blender then I added 2 spoons of the blended veggie/fruit mix to 1cup Kangaroo, you can also make all this into a meat loaf style rissoles & bake in the oven if you don’t want to feed raw but I found the raw easier or if you want to stay with a kibble try the “California Natural” Hypoallergenic limited ingredient foods…the Lamb & Rice has just 4 ingredients….
    I’ve been feeding the raw for breakfast then a Hypoallergenic Gluten Sugar & Dairy FREE kibble, Salmon & Sardines with brown rice & veggies-(Bok Choy & Broccoli) its an Australian made kibble…most of the grain free kibble diets will have Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Lentils, Lemuges etc as they need to bind the kibble….so I feed a kibble with brown rice + a protein, it seems to work as long as I feed the raw or cooked as a main meal & try to feed less of the kibble….

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    kenneth r

    Thank you, Susan, for the info.
    Any special reason you went with the australian kibble?

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    Hi, I live in Australia & it’s the only premium kibble that was Hypoallergenic Gluten Sugar & Dairy free……the only other novel protein & gluten free kibble was the vet diet Royal Canine “Sensitivity Control” Duck & Tapioca, it cleared Patches red paws up but he still stunk & was scratching.. I don’t think the R/C Sensitivity Control it is in America only Australia & Europe… Iams has their “Skin & Coat Plus Response KO Kangaroo” you could try this diet & see if his skin starts to clear up, then if yeast goes away start looking for another kibble or stay with the Iams KO & give only as 1 meal & cook or give raw for the other meal & see how he goes…The Iams Skin & Coat Plus KO would be better then the Royal Canine Rabbit & Potato kibble.. Iams use Oat flour which is suppose to be a very low carb… I’d stay away from potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas….also make sure your bathing in an antibacterial shampoo weekly….. I found the Malaseb to be the best for Patch…

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    If it has been going on for more than 1 year/4 seasons and the dog has not shown improvement despite food changes, frequent bathing, etc and continues to suffer.
    The allergens that the dog is responding to are probably environmental, impossible to avoid and not diet related.
    If you use the search engine above on the forum home page and look up “allergies” you will find a lot of my posts and some articles that are very informative.

    I suggest you consult a dermatologist/specialist as there are other reasons for the symptoms you describe other than food intolerances.

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    I had a dog with yeast ear infections and potato definitely did not help. I put him on ground raw, no fruits or veggies and that worked. If you won’t do raw, look for a limited ingredient food, no potatoes.

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    susan h

    For what it’s worth, you may wish to view some of Dr. Karen Becker’s videos on “yeasty dogs.”
    I know it’s a daunting problem. Good luck!

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