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    SdianeM M

    Sadie was having a lot of yeast issues with her Castor and Pollux Grain Free Poultry Free kibble. I researched and felt like the answer was to cut out carbs and use a raw diet. I then started with Allprovide and noticed a night and day difference. But, when I added turkey she started having more yeast issues. I then added beef and she had a miserable night. Allprovide has been awesome and has always gone over and beyond to help me, from providing her with complimentary food to even sending a compounded shampoo.

    I’ve tried Sadie back on her Allprovide and she refuses to eat it. She went from loving it one day to not eating it the next. So, I started cooking organic chicken, with liver, gizzards, and hearts. She’s eating it, but she’s not content.

    She keeps going to where I have her bag of Castor and Pollux and wants her kibbles. I really do not want to put her back on kibbles.

    I noticed today when I bathed her how she has a patch without fur caused by scratching. This is something we haven’t had before (although she did have a lesion after feeding her the Allprovide beef that night).

    Please offer your advice. I do not know what to do anymore.

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    Has she been tested for environmental allergies (skin testing done by a dermatologist).
    If this has been going on for 1 year/4 seasons without any significant periods of relief despite diet changes, baths etc. If the dog is experiencing distress and discomfort, that is how I would proceed.
    Here is one thread: /forums/topic/help-7/ and another one: /forums/topic/possible-food-allergies/
    Best of luck.

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    My dog with yeast issues does best on a raw diet with no produce. I buy grinds from Hare Today & Reel Raw.

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