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    lyly H

    I recently adopted a dog (not my profile pic!) and he’s 4 yrs old and 50 ibs. He’s been fed grocery store kibble in the shelter and I switched him to a high quality dog food, in my opinion, blue buffalo. I think feeding him raw food would be best, not for health reasons, but maybe just because. 🙂 How do I switch him from kibble to raw?? I’d really like to know!!

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    Patricia A

    Congrats on your adoption!! Don’t know about feeding Blue. I’ve read a few negative things about the company. https://www.chagrinfallspetclinic.com/2017/09/14/pet-food-lead-alert-blue-buffalo-blue-wilderness-dog-food-class-action-law-suit/
    Maybe someone can chime in about a good base kibble and start the raw with toppers. I use Primal freeze dried , Stella Chewy’s freeze dried and Bixbi freeze dried as treats because Bixbi is so expensive. All expensive in the freeze dried but I have small dogs. I think the frozen would be the way to go with the Primal/stellas’. My dogs are doing great on these. Reviews from advisor are all great also. I used Stella’s baked raw coated as base. However I stopped all kibble until this DCM mess is worked out. No legumes or starches in any of these foods.
    Go to advisors reviews on Primal/Stellas for ingredients and to their f/b page to see what others say.
    Like I said MY dogs do great with this. No stomach troubles. Just please start VERY slowly.

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    Hi Lyly,

    When I put my IBD boy onto a homemade raw diet his Naturopath Vet said to just start feeding the raw the next morning & just stop feeding his dry kibble, I had to add a Probiotic powder & Digestive enzymes to the raw meal but that was cause Patch has IBD…
    You can start him on Kelfir or Goats Milk aswell..
    He’ll LOVE raw food & do smaller & less poo’s, just make sure its balanced if making own homemade raw…I feed dehydrated free range organic raw now.. “Frontier Pets” just for lunch & PAtch eats his dry kibble for Breakfast & Dinner..

    In Australia alot of people feed both raw & kibble, the dog gets his dry kibble & raw mince & 1-2 spoons tin sardines added on top of the kibble…& raw meaty bones twice a week for breakfast…
    My dog who has IBD can eat raw & kibble together, the kibble helps keep down the digested raw food as he regurgitates all wet foods now 🙁

    Join a few raw feeding F/B groups, here’s 2

    “Raw Feeding 101-Learn To Feed Raw”

    “Raw Feeding Advice & Support”

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