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    Brooke C

    I have recently started my 13 week old Rough Collie on a raw food diet. He currently weighs 22lbs and expect him to get no larger then 60lbs when he’s an adult.

    He’s been on raw food for about a week, ingredients I have been using is chicken with bone, green tripe and chicken liver. Carrots and leafy greens are the only veggies I have added.

    My biggest problem is I can’t seem to find any other organ meat other then chicken liver. I have been to all the butchers and grocery stores in my area and no one seems to have anything at all. And the only place I was able to find the green tripe was an Asian store who apparently rarely carries it, so I got very lucky in finding it.

    Are these ingredients okay? And can anyone tell me how to judge how much to feed him. Currently I feed him 9.6oz 3 times a day. Going by his current weight.

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    Take a look at Hre Today dot com, they sell a variety of organs. There is also a food calculator.

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