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    I have two Chihuahuas Penelope and Sasparilla, Sasparilla is a fairly young puppy at about 4 months old. Since I have had her she has had two real bad spouts of diarrhea and now seems to be on her third. She has been to the vet several times and has been tested for parvo and parasites and has come back fine. So the thought is, it’s her food or a genetic problem. She was Natural choice small breed puppy and then slowly switched to IAMS small breed puppy..and neither seem to be working. So I am trying to find the best sensitive tummy small breed puppy food..and I seem to be having trouble.

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    When you have issues like this the first thing to try is grain and chicken free. Nature’s Variety Instinct has a few foods that are good. Try adding probiotics and digestive enzymes for a while too. And until the diarrhea goes away give her a little canned pure pumpkin in every meal, 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon. Once you open the can you can freeze the rest in an ice cube tray and only defrost what you need for a few days.

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