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    Cindy W

    Acana kibble food from the Kentucky plant nearly killed my cavalier king charles spaniel. He was very anemic and his GI tract was a mess. I didn’t know what to do. I began to research online day and night. I came across Dr. Judy Morgan, a holistic vet. What an eye opener! I watched all of her free webinar videos on you-tube, and then I watched all of her other you- tube videos. Wow. I had no idea that commercially prepared dry food is so HARD on a pet’s body, even when it’s a “good” food. Also, even when it is a “good” food, the sources for ingredients in commercial pet food can change and if the source is inferior the pet will suffer or even die. That is what happened to my dog. He nearly died. After watching the you-tube videos, I ordered Dr. Judy Morgan’s easy to read, small books on Amazon (they are not expensive). I read, “From Needles to Natural”, then I read ” Yin and Yang”, both in one day. At last, common sense, and from a veterinarian. I felt empowered to make his food. I bought a Cabela’s meat grinder (you can just buy a hand grinder for $15). I already had a small scale, which is necessary to weigh the ingredients, and I already had a food processor (but you can just chop the vegetables). I made my first batch of homemade pup loaf. My dog gobbled it up and he still goes crazy, eager to eat at every meal. The results have been miraculous. He is healed and is thriving. The “original” pup loaf recipe is the only one that I make because it includes ALL needed nutrients without having to add vitamins or minerals. The ingredients hardest to locate were local grass fed beef heart and grass fed beef liver (a local butcher took my order and provides it , but it can be ordered online) and the other ingredient that I had to locate was frozen cold water salt water mussels (the frozen pack that I buy are from Denmark), which I found next to the fresh seafood at Whole Foods. Everything else can be bought at your local grocery store. The original pup-loaf recipe will make exactly 4 dozen muffins. I wrap each one in foil, put a dozen per big zip lock bag and freeze. At night I take out enough pup muffins for the next day and put them in the fridge to thaw overnight. I weigh my dog every other day. I feed him to keep his weight at 15.2 lbs. (I stand on the scales while holding him to weigh him). He gets no grains at all in this diet. His cloudy eyes have cleared and he is full of energy. It isn’t necessary, but in addition to his pup muffins, we bake chicken thighs for him. We also finely mince and mix together a variety of fruit and vegetables. The chicken thighs can be frozen as well as the fruit and minced cooked vegetables. Soooo….each meal our dog gets: half of a pup-muffin, two tablespoons of minced baked chicken thigh meat and a tablespoon of cooked vegetables. His poops and his blood tests have been perfect. Praise the Lord!

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    Hi Cindy,

    My daughter name is also Cindy, your dog is a very lucky dog to have you has his owner & didn’t change his kibble & continue feeding him a dry kibble…You’d probably still have a very sick dog..

    I too follow Judy Morgan DVM aswell my boy Patch is a rescue who I rescued 6 years ago, it’s his 10th birthday tomorrow, Tuesday 20th November also on this day I rescued him from being put to sleep that day 🙂
    He came to me in a really bad condition for a 4 yr old dog, he has IBD diagnosed thru Endoscope + Biopsies, Environment Allergies & Food Sensitivities…. It’s been a struggle he just had 5 weird looking wort type lumps removed 2-3 weeks ago & I just knew he was cancer free, he has the luck of the Irish the vet said gee he’s a lucky boy she was really worried about 1 lump on the side of his back leg so was I, this weird lump grew very quickly & look weird, we thought Mast Cell Tumor but no we wer wong thank god, he has a few angels watching over him..
    Years ago I found Judy’s pup loaf recipe & tweak it a bit to suit Patches needs, I make Lean Pork Rissoles + Boiled Sweet Potato & Lean Beef Rissoles + Boiled Sweet Potatoes, I add 1 whisked egg, finally chopped parsely, chopped broccolli & spinach or kale, I bake in oven as Patch needs low fat when he eats any cooked foods, I make the rissoles 1/2 cup in size & bake them on a foil lined baking tray, take out 1/2 way 15mins to drain any water/fat & turn them over & bake till ready, they only take about 25-30mins & they freeze really well same as the boiled sweet potato pieces they thaw out pretty good…

    He also gets freezed dried Mussels x 1-2 a day depends how big teh mussels are, strawberries, they are very cheap at teh moment, peeled apple, water melon, almond 3 a day whe I remember & his Bone Broth drink after his mid morning walk, I try to give him healthy foods that don’t cause any problems with his IBD… What I eat Patch gets some aswell… His IBD became worse last Nov-2017 after eating TOTW Lamb formula, he went down hill, I nilly put him to sleep in January 2018 instead I asked his vet can he do another Endoscope + Biopsies & found Patches lower Sphincter flap doesn’t close properly, sadly he doesnt do well on big wet meals now as he regurgatates them making his acid reflux worse, the only food he keeps down for his big meals is dry kibble 🙁
    I was devastated but he does still eats a small wet meal for lunch only, lunch time is when he gets his freeze dried raw “Frontier Pets” or his Rissoles Sweet Potato etc, he still gets his little extra healthy foods, I want to try blueberries & beets next..

    Do you follow “Rodney Habib”
    Rodney has been traveling around the world for 1 year talking to vets, Drs, scientist all around the world doing research on cancer in dogs & how to stop dogs from getting cancer… He’s a wealth of information.
    Did you know there’s only about 110 Vet Nutritionist on this planet & 98% of them work for the big Pet Food companies, so there’s only about 2% vet nutritionist who aren’t bias like Judy Morgan that really want to educate us & get our dogs healthy thru natural foods & not feed these over processed dry pet foods & they will not recommend a high carb dry vet diet when your dog gets cancer ….. It’s sad I think…
    I live in Australia & alot of pet owners feed either a raw diet or a cooked diet & a few feed kibble as base & add raw, the longest living dogs both came from Australia Bluey he was 29yrs old & Maggie she just passed away & she was 30yrs old both dogs were raw feed dogs..

    Here’s a new group Dr Karen Becker, Susan Garret & Rodney have just started, its called
    “Life with Dogs and Cats – Health, Training & Research”

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    Spy Car

    Your dog will be even better off if you stop grinding the meat and stop feeding vegetables.

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