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    Donna W

    This is my first time posting anything but I wanted to share some info with anyone that could get some help for their pet persons. I have an old German Shepherd/Akita cross. He is now 15 years old. He has always been a big fellow but he was my husbands pet and extremely partial to him over anyone else. My husband had passed away due to an accident and the dog became seriously depressed for some time. Because my health was in decline also my sister moved me from Georgia to Oklahoma out of concern for me. My dog was 13 at the time we moved and weighed around 85 pounds. When we got to Oklahoma the dog began to have lots of health related issues. I take care of my grandkids and am on social security so not much money to spend for medical help for myself or my dog. I noticed that he started shedding horribly. He started having a bad odor and was losing tons of weight. He was scratching at himself 24/7 and crying out. His ears started having a fowl order also. I changed him from Pedigree dog food (which he had always eaten without any problems) to expensive dog foods, then to non grain foods to no avail. I got prescription ear medicine for him but as soon as it was used up, his ears started with the same problems. He really smelled bad and when we washed him, the odor came right back. He continued to drop weight. He lost at least 20 pounds. Along with his hair falling out by the hand full, his coat was super dull and he had always had a beautiful black and shiney coat in the past. I know that large dogs did not live as long as smaller breeds but this was driving me nuts. I made sure he did not have fleas. Bought him the best flea medicines. All to know avail and after 6 months I was ready to take him to the vet to put him to sleep when I came across a site on the internet where other people were talking about them having the same issues with their pets exactly like my dog. I was in disbileaf. I ordered this enzyme called Din-o-vite and gave him a scoop a day along with a squirt of omega 3 oil and a squirt of oil that made his food taste better as the enzymes did not taste good. After about a week and a half he started to improve and he continued do amaze me in his improvement. Everything got better for him. He is 15 now and although he is showing a favoring in his right side rear end when he gets up his change is nothing short of a miracle. I don’t know much about enzymes but I read that a dog has trouble digesting food and as they get older it can get worse. I hope this gets to someone else out there that is having the same trouble, try this before you think of putting your dog to sleep. He has been on the Dine-o-vite for 2 months now and I cannot believe it is the same dog. I know that he wont live much longer but he is happy now again and I know that his few remaining years will be spent with us at home.

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    Good to hear your dog is doing well…Omega 3 would have played a big part in your boy getting better… a lot of dog kibbles are very low in omega 3 & high in omega 6 this can cause skin problems in dogs……My dog has skin problems & IBD (Stomach Problems) I’ve started to adding omega 3 oil to his diet & I’m starting to see a big improvement in his skin & stomach problems…..also feed fresh foods when you can & reduce the kibble this also helps…

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