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    I have a 4 year / 3 months old Siberian Husky and he started to gain little weight and he slowed down as he does not have energy anymore, plus he started to get few hot spots. So i went to the Vet and done some blood work on him. Tests came good , but the Thyroid test the Vet say is way to low and that’s why he has the spots, getting weight and probably all this causing from allergies.
    So the Vet put him on three different medications, witch he is done with two of them and just left with one ,for another week and then will have to do the blood test for Thyroid again to see the levels.
    I also asked if the food maybe a problem too, in what i was giving him. At that time witch was till some where half way in Dec 2018 , i had the kirkland brand from costco “Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Beef Meal & Sweet Potato” and before that , about 1.5 month ago i was giving him “Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato Dog Food”
    So the Vet told me to give him dry food “with Grains” , so today i was looking for some dry food with grains at a local store witch the owner was the dog trainer & food for 25,30 with Law Enforcement , and he owns the store now, i told him my story about my dog health and what the vet recommended and he said , he will go with dry food like:
    Orijen Six Fish or the FirstMate Pacific Ocean Fish Meal – Original Formula
    Also he mention to give him 2 cups a day for now.

    So i need some clarification what to buy and what to choose between “with grains or grain free” ? Done a lot of reading and looks like i am more confuse than to know exactly what to buy,

    Any advice will appreciate!

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    I would listen to your vet. They know more about your dog than a store owner. I personally would not touch anything from Champion (Orijen/Acana). They are currently in quite the lawsuit and have more cases than I am comfortable with of dogs having DCM and/or low taurine while on their foods.

    There is nothing wrong with grain inclusive food. Using peas/lentils/chickpeas etc in place of rice/oats/barely has no benefits unless your dog is specifically allergic to those ingredients. Peas and beans just up the overall protein content of the food with plant protein.

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    Thanks for reply.

    So what you recommend with grain inclusive? as i am having kind hard time finding some. And hope there are some with fish,as my husky looks that is a picky eater.

    The Vet said something to give him Nutro , but not sure i follow witch one is with grains.

    Thanks for advice on this.

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    I am not sure which Nutro foods are grain inclusive as they have SO many lol I also have no experience with them

    Some grain inclusive foods I like are Farmina Ancesteral Grain, Annamaet, Purina Beyond to name a few. My dog is currently on Beyond and doing great but she has eaten all of these brands and done well. Beyond has a Salmon flavour, Farmina has Cod, and Annamaet has Salmon and Lamb (Option is the name). I believe Annamaet also has a couple chicken based grain inclusive foods that have Herring in them as well, Ultra might be one of them. Victor Select has grain and their ingredients look pretty good, they have an Ocean Fish formula. I have not personally tried this brand yet but have heard a lot of dogs do good on it.

    If you are interested in Nutro I would check out their website to see which formulas have grains. You could also go to Reviews on this website and check out the reviews for all of the Nutro formulas, there you can see the ingredients. Keep in mind the company’s website will always be the best place to see the most up to date ingredient lists for their foods.

    Hope you find something that works out for him! I hate going through the food journey

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    Have a look at limited ingredient formula’s if you think it might be food sensitivities, best off feeding a single meat protein & 1-2 carbs…
    I rotate between 2-3 “different brands” that agree with my boy, I dont feed the same brand 24/7, year after year, if something is wrong with a certain brand of dog food, heavy metals, toxins, contaminates etc then that’s all your dog is eating 24/7 causing health problems down teh track…
    Join this f/b group “Dog Allergies, Issues & Other Information Support Group” on face book
    Dogs who have thyriod problems normally suffer skin problems aswell so it might have nothing to with diet? But I’d still change his food brand, sounds like he has been eating Kirklands for a while, feed him a variety of different foods, chicken & turkey seem to be the cleanest meats when pet foods were tested for heavy metals toxins & contaminates.

    I feed “Wellness Simple” Turkey & Potato & “Wellness Core” Large breed Adult. my boy suffers with IBD & Environment Allergies.
    Here’s Wellness Simple formula’s look to your right & you’ll see the different Simple limited ingredient formula’s to choose from…
    Here’s Wellness Simple Healthy Weight LID formula.

    I also rotate & feed “Canidae Pure” formula’s, Canidae “Pure” formula’s has limited ingredients.
    Scroll down a bit & look to your right & you’ll see all the pages of Canidae formula’s
    VIEW ALL << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 >>
    I feed the Canidae Pure Wild Boar & Canidae Pure Meadow Senior formula..

    I would stay away from all fish pet foods, some can be very high in heavy metals, contaminates & toxins….
    The “First Mate” Chicken Meal & Blueberrries formula looks good & it’s Legume free, the rest of the First Mate formula’s are high in fiber -7%….

    Limited Ingredient Chicken Meal with Blueberries Formula

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    Hi Patrocle-
    I’m glad you figured out the thyroid problem with your dog. Once you get it back on track with meds, they will make a big difference with his weight and hair loss. My sister’s dog was hypothyroid and his meds turned him into a new dog!

    I agree with Sanne. Listen to your vet and also stay far away from Champion Foods. Purina ProPlan Salmon Sensitive Skin is also a good one along with the food Sanne recommended. Stay away from grain free small boutique type foods. Good luck!

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