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    I am honestly very disappointed at my dog right now. Cassy is my 12y.o. Lab/GSD, and has NEVER been picky about her food. I’ve been giving her coconut oil recently (finally got her up to 2tbsp), and normally she loves it; but this week, she decided it was the most revolting thing ever.

    She eats outdoors (that’s where the food is stored, out in the woodshed), so the coconut oil stays hard. I crumbled it up over her food, but she was still able to spit out the tiny pieces. Today, I tried melting it and pouring it over her kibble. That didn’t work either, because it hardened and was stuck to the edges of the bowl with some of the kibble.

    Any suggestions to get that full 2tbsp in there without her noticing? I wondered if I could add some olive oil or something to keep it more of a “liquid”, because she doesn’t seem to notice it too much when it’s like that. Or possibly some flavored liquid to mix with it so she doesn’t smell it as much?

    At first, I thought maybe she has just lost her appetite; but she eats everything else perfectly fine (and then some…she’s our vacuum cleaner!)

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    Hi Shasta. I am sure there will be other opinions but I of the mind set that I won’t make my dog eat something unless medically necessary. It could be that the amount is too high and its causing her stomach issues such as nausea. Dogs are smart in that regard. I have one that will not eat oysters and the one time I ground it up to fool her, she promptly vomitted it up.

    Sometimes more is not always better. If it were my dog I would stop it for z week or two then reintroduce at smaller amounts.

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    I agree with Melissa, give her a break from it, then when you start giving it again stick to 1 tbs. You could try adding warm water to the food to liquify it.

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    Ah thank you. I’ll reduce the amount then (just FYI, she’s about 70lbs), that’s a relief for me, to say the least!

    I think part of it is that we finally got organic unrefined. Previously, we only had refined oil, which has no taste/smell, so she gobbled it up.

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