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    Lois S

    How do you know which size/type dry dog food to purchase. Small medium or large breed. I have a hybrid a bernedoodle/ Mother a Bernese Mountain Dog at 125 pds. the Father a miniature labradoodle at 15 pounds. Puppy is 7 months, 25 pounds with ultimate weight 40 pounds.

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    I don’t use puppy food so I’d choose an all life stages food. As far as what food, that depends on your budget, for starters.

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    Size of food on the bag is pretty irrelevant. Sm Breed, Med Breed, Large Breed…doesn’t really mean much. Pick a good food and go with it-kibble size can play a factor in the eating style of the dog. To be safe, I’d go over to the canine nutrition forum, and use Hound Dog Mom’s guides to selecting the proper food for a large breed puppy, since you can’t really guarantee size of dog in a cross.

    Also-that’s an interesting mix.

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    i never pay attention to that. the only thing you need to make sure of is that you get a food that has proper calcium and Hound Dog Moms list is a good start. I can link it so its easier to find since its kind of buried in that thread and I have it bookmarked.

    As long as the nutrient profile is correct you can feed whatever. I have one food currently for my 66lb pitbull thats small bites just because it was 50% off at my local pet boutique and ive been wanting to try the brand and they were going to stop carrying it (EVO is the brand). its just smaller kibble which means ill have to feed a little more but not much.

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