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    I’ve been wanting to add links to things in my posts and I haven’t been able to. Every time I add a link, my post will not show up. Am I missing something? Is there a certain way you have to post a link?


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    You go to one of the contact us spots and email Dr Mike and tell him the spam filter got your post to the forum. Make sure you tell him it was a post to the forum He will dig it out of the spam filter and supposedly the spam filter will eventually learn that your posts are not spam. Good Luck!!

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    You can post part of it and then say (dot)com usually helps.

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    Thank you!!!

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    Mike Sagman


    Sorry you’re having trouble. I just checked our spam filters and I do not see any comments posted by you trapped at this time.

    I’m posting the following link to test to be certain links will show up.


    If you can see the above test link, simply use the exact same text format I used here whenever you add a link to your replies. There’s no need to use the term (dot) when you post any links. If you do that, your links will not appear as click-able hyperlinks.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you very much for your quick reply!



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    Yay! It works!

    Thanks again,

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