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    So I’m going to be switching my puppy’s food soon (he’s on Purina one smart blend puppy right now, what the previous owner fed him). I’m very interested in feeding him Acana regionals dry food because of all the positive reivews, but I’ve also read that dry food alone doesn’t supply enough moisture in a dogs diet. I don’t want to feed him solely canned food for fear of him gaining weight. He’s a small dog and while I walk him daily, he otherwise doesn’t get much exercise.

    Would mixing canned food with the Acana be a good way to suppliment his moisture intake? If so, how much canned food to dry food, and how do I choose a brand that goes well with the Acana?

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    Rotation is good for a healthy digestive tract so don’t worry about getting one that goes with Acana, worry about getting as big a variety as you can. As long as the canned foods are for All Life Stages or Growth, you can use whatever amount you want and you can even mix it with extra water to make a gravy. If the canned foods you find are Adult or Maintenance foods then you should only make the canned food about 20% or less of the diet. Use cans within 3 days of opening and store the canned food you don’t use immediately in a sealed container, not in the can. If you have a small dog and you won’t use a can that fast you can freeze it in the right size protions and defrost as needed.

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    Hi Amanda-
    I feed my dogs by calories. So when adding canned to their meals I feed less of the dry by whatever number of canned calories I am feeding. I usually add a little warm water as well. They love it and is very healthy for them. However they are a lab mix and they love everything!

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    I try to go by calories too. For my dogs, I’ve figured out about 1/3 can + 1/4 cup kibble works for them. Of course the amount of calories per can varies, but this averages out and they seem to be maintaining their weight. Puppies eat more though so you’ll just have to adjust to his growth.

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    Yes, I just use an average of about 400 calories a can. You are right they can vary by a lot.

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    I’m not as methodical as some others. I just give a little less kibble, add a couple spoonfuls of canned, some water and serve. I then watch their weight.

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