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    Hi, am new to feeding raw and this forum.

    I have an almost five month old Old English Sheepdog. She’s been getting raw food since she came home at 8 weeks, initially getting commercial freeze-dried raw. We’ve transitioned over time to fully fresh raw now. She eats chicken, pork and beef as the main protein sources, aside from the occasional egg and salmon.

    My question pertains to proper handing of bone (chicken only!). She used to take time to chew the bones. Now, she’s swallowing them somewhat whole or lightly chewed. As a result, she sometimes passes 3 inch pieces of jagged chicken bone and has a tough time at it. What should I do? Crush the bone before feeding? give her bigger pieces that forces her to chew?


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    I would stop feeding any and all bones. I would seek veterinary care immediately to rule out stomach/bowel and colon obstruction/perforation (medical emergency) and get some advice as to how you should proceed with diet.

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    Spy Car

    Feed bigger pieces and/or feed the bone-in pieces frozen, which should maximize chewing.

    Don’t feed trolls.


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    Along with spy cars recommendation I’ve seen some raw feeders feed with their hands. Just put on thick gloves and hold onto the bones and make the dog chew as much as possible.

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    Thanks for the tips. I didn’t think of freezing the RMB out of fear it would crack her teeth.

    Could this gulping be because she doesn’t have enough teeth to chew yet? I watched her swallow a steak tip strip with minimal chewing. Only after reading your responses did I start putting two and two together. Gotta slow my girl down! LOL!

    Thanks again

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    Hi @Mabels’Mom…
    Most raw feeders with puppies crush soft bones (chicken wings etc.) for puppies under 6 months. Some don’t, but we do.
    What types of bones are you feeding? Wings are softer than thighs, etc.
    If you’re concerned, take Haley’s suggestion and hand feed, or use HUGE pieces (whole chicken backs or half chickens) that force that pup to not gulp, and to actually chew and take away when they become small or the puppy slows down.
    If you’re extremely worried, feed ground bone and huge meat (boneless) chunks until you find a solution you’re happy and comfortable with.
    Also agreed with Spycar…don’t feed trolls =)

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    Spy Car

    As Haleycookie recommends, I hand fed when my pup was very young (we also started at 8 weeks), but by 6 months he was a pro at chewing bone. But whatever it takes.

    Raw chicken bones (even frozen) are not nearly hard enough to damage teeth. It will make a dog chew.


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    Brilliant, will try a combo of the suggestions above. Soemthing’s got to work! Thank you so much!

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    I used vice grips to hold the end of rmb when my terrier was a puppy. Now he eats anything very slow and deliberate.

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