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    Does anyone know how often the site is updated with new dog formula information? I’ve been hearing good things about Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Bison but can’t find reviews anywhere.

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    This site tries to maintain articles every 18 months. The food you’re looking for is in the article Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry and it’s in the whole group not reviewed individually. The Bison and Venison formulas do not contain any meat meals, only whole meats and they are the lowest in protein at 22% and alot of that comes from potato protein and pea protein. Might adjust that rating next time around! The other recipes are also low in protein but at least have a meat meal and not as much veg protein. Nature’s Variety Instinct LID only has 5 ingredients and has more protein.

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    Each review is updated at least every 18 months, more often if someone reports that they have had major fomula changes. The reviews are grouped together though, so more than one Natural Balance formula will be on the page. Look for Natural Balance (dry) as a for instance, and you will find a list of what flavors that review covers near the top, just above the big yellow box. Then in the box, Dr Mike has selected one that he feels is representative of all the formulas in that review to break down and go over in detail.

    Are you aware that Natural Balance was just sold to Mars, the candy bar makers?

    ETA: Whoops! Sandy was faster than I was.
    Also ETA:I don’t know where I left my brain today. Should be sold to Del Monte, the fruit cup people. I guess I can’t keep track of all the different big businesses that have no business making dog food anymore.

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    Thanks for the help!

    I did know that Natural Balance was just recently purchased by Del Monte.

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