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    I just bought a case of Weruva bed and breakfast food. The 14 oz can has only 230 calories. I usually feed him about 6ozs a day of his other wet food which has around 320 a can. I like for him to get around 160 calories a day. How much of this food should I feed him. To get the calories he needs it will take a lot of the an. Usually I feed 1/4 cup plus 1or 2 tablespoons twice a day. He is a little overweight so I feed him the lower end plus he gets 2 treats a day plus blueberries and yogurt in his food once a day.How much should I feed him?

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    Weezerweeks, I would probably feed him half a can split in 2 or so. That should be 115 calories so the rest up to 160 will come from the yoghurt, berries, and treats. Just give it a try and see if he loses the weight he needs to. If he loses too much, up the food. You know the drill! 😉

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    Hi Weezerweeks-
    Just wanted to let you know that I received an email today from Pet flow advertising Weruva on sale! The code is 35WERBFF is for 35% with auto ship. It’s 20WERBFF for 20% off for a one time order. It looks like a great food. You have a lucky pup!

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