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    Mark W

    Hello all,

    I posted earlier as well. I am looking for feedback from people who make their own food at home… how much does it cost you? What kind of ingredients do you use? Do you make it in batches or cook every day?

    I just want to get feedback so I can provide my superiors with data to support our marketing efforts.

    If you would like to know what My Perfect Pet Food uses for ingredients in their food, please visit https://store.myperfectpetfood.com/ and click on the product – on each page, you will see what protein, fiber source, and supplements that are used for each product.

    Please reply and let me know your thoughts!


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    I use raw, averages $3.90 a pound including shipping. I go through a pound a day of bone-in and 2-2.5 ounces a day of boneless.

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    My current batch of prey model raw for my cat costed me about 83 cents a day. Pork tender loin, beef shank steak, chicken necks, chicken liver, and beef sweetbreads.

    I pack it all up in to one day portions, and freeze it. Then I just remove a new container from the freezer and put it in the fridge every day. No cooking needed :p

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    I buy most items for less than $2 per pound. Whole turkeys on sale are less than $1. Special items like tripe and duck necks are less than $3 per lb. but since they’re mostly bone I don’t use a lot of it. I’ll make around 30-60 lbs at a time and pack them in gallon size ziplock bags. My dogs only eat about 18 oz a day.

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    Kristin C

    Hi Mark – I make my own raw dog food and the cost depends on the type of meat and if I can get it on sale, plus if I had any supplements. Withought a supplement I will say it can cost from .80-$1 for chicken, up to $1.50 for beef PER SERVING. I have a 25 and 30 lb dog. I use chicken breast, thighs, hearts, liver, gizzards, plus raw egg and fruit, vegs, pumpkin. For beef it’s whatever is on sale plus heart, liver, kidney, lung, thymus, fruit, vegs, pumpkin. I feed a lot of other stuff too but the chicken and beef are the best examples I have. I make it in batches every 7-10 days.

    If you are looking for ideas to market your product maybe offering a sample size would help. The cost is a bit prohibitive to feed full time for most but I’m sure as a supplement to what people are currently feeding it might be worth exploring. Good luck!

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    alexis w

    i know its been a while since this post but i thought i would sound off: i pay about $35- $40 a month and my recipes vary with what is in season and on sale my blog http://www.calliefoodrecipes.wordpress.com has some of my recipes on it.

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