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    joanne l

    Hi guys, I have a question, when changing foods how long would it take to know if the food is not working? Only because with this dog, it might go fine for a few weeks than it doesn’t work out. Can this happen? My other dog I would know in a week. But this one is different, he will start to belch but stool will be okay, then diarrhea. Purina he ate for a year with no problem, but than developed watery eyes and skin problems. So when I find a food and it goes good for a month I still have to watch. Did anyone else have this problem, were it is a delayed reaction? Or does it take that long to find out if the food is okay for him?

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    Easy peasy.

    Just take the dog the vet and agree to whatever diagnostic tests he wants to do.

    There are a multitude of conditions that could explain why your dog is sick.
    Stop wasting time on the internet. Consult a veterinary health care professional…not on face book. A real vet that has examined your dog.

    It is obvious that there is something wrong with your dog that a simple dietary change won’t fix.

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