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    My Cassy is on Diamond Naturals currently. She’s gone through horrible allergies before, and is itch-free now that I’ve finally been able to get rid of corn/wheat/soy.

    She still has really bad dandruff – no itching, just flakes. It’s sometimes off and on, too. I’ve given her coconut and fish oil (sardine/anchovy), but it didn’t really seem to help.

    So I finally found some GF food (Pure Balance salmon) for about $1/lb, and I’m trying it to see if she is possibly slightly reactive to all grains (or maybe chicken, for that matter. Doubt the chicken tho as she’s been on lamb formula w same results).

    My question is how long would it take (estimated) for her flaky skin to go away if it /is/ a grain allergy?

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    You’ll start to see a difference within 3 weeks with their skin but I believe you must also treat the outside with weekly baths with a real good oatmeal base shampoo + conditioner, I found that Malaseb medicated shampoo to be the best & I use Blackmores PAW (Pure Animal Wellbeing) Nutriderm Replenshing conditioner.. I lighty rinse off as you can leave the conditioner on to moisturise their skin .. as soon as I see Patch really scratching I bath him but since using Paw Nutriderm conditioner as well as the Malaseb shampoo Patch hasnt needed his weekly bath…
    Oh Shasta I wanted to ask you do you have a good biscuit or treat recipe that’s low fat & no carbs, a limited ingredient biscuit, Im trying to put some weight on Patch as he has Pancreatitis, its hard to keep his weight steady, he’s only 16 kilos, he use to be 19-20kilos, I like my Staffys to look chunky like a little nugget, people say he looks good but I see his rib bones, he needs to gain 2-3 kilos & its so hard when he has to have a low fat diet & low carbs cause of his itch…Thank-You..

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    She does have medicated shampoos. They only help temporarily.

    Hmmm…. Treat recipe? I guess I don’t really measure the fat/carbs in mine. Possibly keeping it simple with just grinding/blending some lean meat (maybe some white meat and hearts), 2 eggs, and any desired veggies/fruits/herbs (I like potatoes, carrots, apples, mint, and parsley), and if it needs a binder then you can use a flour (maybe something like oat, coconut, or almond?) and some oil (I like coconut). If you want to get fancy you can add some ground flax, fish oil, or anything else that sounds “healthy” 😀

    Either roll into little “meatballs”, or just roll it flat on a cookie sheet then slice into squares. Bake at about 325-350 for probably 40-60min, you’ll want them pretty crunchy. Put on a cooling rack immediately to let steam escape. Store in an airtight container in the fridge 🙂

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