How do you properly transition to raw?

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    Sam D

    We have a puppy where we want to give him a varied diet. High quality puppy kibble one some days and raw food (like honest kitchen, Aunt Jeni’s and Instincts frozen raw) on other days. So far he’s only had Taste of the Wild grain-free puppy.

    If raw and kibble digest in the gut differently….then how can you really mix the two types of foods for a proper transition? We were just going to start him on Instinct Raw frozen chunks in his Honest Kitchen base mix but we’re worried he will not handle it well and then we won’t know if its the sudden change OR the food itself that’s bothering him.

    Advice? Tips? THANKS!

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    Read here.
    Most raw feeders here do mix raw and kibble with no issues. I personally think the tummy troubles from mixing that some claim to experience are rare or an old wive’s tale.

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    Jennifer H

    Can you mix commercial with that base mix? Wouldn’t that be too much calcium? I was under the impression that THK bases were to be mixed with boneless but maybe I am wrong….

    Or do you mean mixing regular (not base mix) THK with frozen raw?

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    If the commercial raw is balanced then you shouldn’t need base mix.

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    No Jennifer, you’re not wrong. THK base mixes are supposed to be added to boneless meat.

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    Sam D

    OK – good to know! Thank you!

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    Sam D

    I have the HK base mix and the HK turkey formula.

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    Hi Sam D-
    I mix the Nature’s Variety frozen raw medallions with my dogs’ kibble a couple times a week with no issue. In fact, there “output” is generally better when I add in the raw rather than canned. Also, I believe that all of the Nature’s Variety raw products are already complete and balanced and would not need to be mixed with the HK base mix. I think that a few of the other brands of commercial raw such as Primal offer some raw that is not balanced and could be mixed with the base mix.

    Have fun with that lucky puppy!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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