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    Gloria K

    I make my own chicken, beef and fish broth and when I make these always add onion/carrots/celery and Bayleaf. I use one cup of chicken broth when making my dog’s food into the crockpot and I’m now wondering since the chicken broth is made with a small onion in the pot would it harm harm the dog to eat chicken broth made this way? Doesn’t seem to have hurt him so far but just wondering if I’m doing the right thing. He gets no actual onions but the broth is flavored. The ratio is about one small quartered onion to 3 quarts of chicken broth.

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    I know onions are toxic to dogs, but it takes quite a bit of it to harm a dog. Still, if you can do it without the onion, it would probably be better, because I have heard it can have an accumulative effect.

    On a similar note, I have noticed that almost all commercial broths have onions in them. It is usually pretty low in the ingredients, but I don’t know how much they really put in there. I want to use low-sodium chicken or beef broth to make dog treats, but I am afraid of the onion and I can’t find one without it. Does anyone know if this would be harmful?

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    Gloria K

    Why not make your own chicken broth… it’s so much better, contains real chicken along with carrots and celery-you can omit the onions-and so easy to make. Just get some chicken wings or breast with the bone in. throw them in a pot with carrots and celery and let them simmer for about 40 minutes. No salt, no bay leaf, nothing; your dog doesn’t need that. You could make a couple quarts of chicken stock and freeze it for your dog’s food. Thanks for responding by the way, I don’t think I really need to worry about it then because the ratio of onions to broth is pretty wide.

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    I make bone broth, but it’s such a pain. Last time, I ended up with only about 12 ounces, but it was beautiful gelatinous stuff. I let it set and sliced it. It’s very concentrated so I mix a piece in with some hot water to pour over their food. The dogs love it. I used a big bag of chicken necks that I ordered from MPC. They were frozen together and had some freezer burn. Bone broth has tons of glucosamine and other healthy stuff.

    Personally, I wouldn’t use the onion at all. My good friend’s Bichon died a slow, painful death from liver failure in October after eating a small amount of raw onions. Onion is more toxic than garlic. I’d save the onion for your soup. It’s not safe for your dog.

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    Jo R

    Hi Dog Obsessed

    I have found a commercial chicken stock that appears to not have onions. It is Swansons unsalted cooking chicken stock. It states only chicken stock, dehydrated chicken, natural flavoring, not sure what that entails, and chicken fat.
    A phone number on the box is 1 800 44 broth. I cook for my 16 year old girl and have been very pleased with this product. Hope this helps you.

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    Carolyn P

    Hi Dog Obsessed,
    I, also, am looking for a chicken stock/broth without onions. I just googled the ingredients on the Swanson’s unsalted cooking chicken stock and this is what I found: INGREDIENTS: CHICKEN STOCK, CONTAINS LESS THAN 2% OF: YEAST EXTRACT, DEHYDRATED CHICKEN, NATURAL FLAVORING, CARROT JUICE CONCENTRATE, CELERIAC JUICE CONCENTRATE, CHICKEN BROTH, CHICKEN FAT, ONION EXTRACT. I know it must be a small amount and I’ll use it only in a pinch when I’ve run out of homemade chicken broth.

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    Most box and can chicken broths are loaded with MSG or a very similar ingredient (even the unsalted), it is disguised under a variety of different names.

    I prefer to boil a small chicken once a month or so, debone, defat, freeze individual chicken portions and broth servings.
    It’s a lot of work but cost effective and I don’t have to worry about junk chemicals.

    PS: If you must use the box stuff, check the natural food section of your market for organic brands……….however, they will cost more.

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    Tori W

    We make our own chicken broth for our Huskies. We do not add any salt or seasonings at all. We only add carrots. We pour the broth into ice cube trays. Once they are frozen we put them in freezer bags. Get cubes for each dog at meal time. Melt them in the microwave pour over dog food. They LOVE it! They run to their crates at meal time 🙂

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    Gloria K

    As I already stated I make my own broth of every kind even for myself. I use a couple of bone in skin on chicken breasts, some of them for about 40 minutes then remove the chicken and when it’s cool shred it, put it in small Ziploc snack bags and freeze. I top Mickey’s food with this chicken then pour about 1 tablespoon of broth and heat the whole thing. He’s only about 18 pounds so he doesn’t eat very much at each meal.
    As a sidenote I mentally cannot give him raw food I don’t know why I just can’t. So I give him giblets, hearts, chopped up pork cutlets, lamb shoulder chops chopped up and simmer these items. I save the broth from all of the stuff in little jars that I save and use this for his food. They’re so much nutrition in this broth. It only takes 20 minutes to simmer and I do this once a month.

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    lora p

    Great. Seems interesting.

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    Bill K

    I make my own chicken stock just leave out garlic and onions. I roast the chicken bones, carrots, and celery. I then throw them in a pot of boiling water and let it simmer for 4-5 hours. I do add one small pinch of kosher salt. Soon as it’s reduced down to a nice rich broth I let it cool down. As soon as it cools down I pour the stock along with the carrots clery and aome of the chicken meat into a blender & puree.Then i pour into ice cube trays and then freeze them. Soon as they are frozen I take them out and put them in a big gallon Ziploc bag. Each meal I melt a couple of cubes in the microwaves and pour over his kibble and he loves it. Each big pot of stock makes a couple months worth of cubes.

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    Gloria K

    Bill K, as I mentioned a couple of times I make my own broth and I also use carrots and celery but I never purée the broth with the vegetables. I like that idea and I think that’s when I’m going to do the next time I make the broth. Thanks for the heads up, my Mickey is gonna love it!!!

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    a c

    I remembered read somewhere that onions are bad for the dogs. However, a little fresh ginger in the homemade chicken broth could boost their immune system. That how I cook chicken broth for myself.

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