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    lisa r

    I need a lower calorie food with a mixed protein source. The dogs prefer red meat sources. any ideas?

    My other dog needs a “higher” calorie food. she is skinny and I have a hard time putting weight on her. she is very finicky and also prefers red meat multio protein foods

    any ideas?

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    Hi Lisa-
    Have you checked out the review side of this website? Up above click on the Home tab and then click on library. There is a link for suggested low fat foods and there is a link also for suggested weight loss foods. I apologize that I can’t copy and paste the links on my iPad. I have heard several suggest Wellness Core, Annament, Nutrisource and Go!’s senior or weight loss formulas. Good luck!

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    Go! Senior has 394 kcals per cup. It has several protein sources, but none are red meat. Orijen Senior has 445 kcals per cup and has several protein sources also, but no red meat.

    You could try Abady granular for your hard keeper. It has about 800 kcals per cup. It’s not reviewed here, but several regular posters (myself included) having used it with success.

    I’ll keep thinking.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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