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    Valeria B

    My shepherd is a working dog, search and rescue, and has been steadily losing weight. My vet has ruled out any pancreatic disorder/insufficiency. I need to find a high calorie dry food to get her weight back up to par, however, I don’t want to get anything that will be detrimental to her. I have done several different foods and I’m at a loss. I need some help.

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    Amy S

    There is a forum on the main forums page, one regarding nutrition and another on diet and health issues. You may want to look/post there. I have heard Dr. Tim’s is a good one for working dogs, and pinnacle has one too

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    Check out Abady granular. You can add it to her current food. Look for GSD forums for help.

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    Dr. Tim’s, Victor, and Abady is what I know that is high-cal and really good too. The first two are specifically formulated for working dogs, high-quality, and overall really good. I have fed them both. Abady is over 800 kcal/cup.

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    Look into Orijen. I love that food! High calories and full I goodness!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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