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    Tracy M

    I recently took my dog in for a skin issue and after a skin scrape, urine test and Senior Blood work, I am told she has Pacreatitis.
    I am very confused as to how she got pancreatitis, as she is on a raw diet. I also give her yogurt in her food .
    I recently ordered the new Orijin Tundra Dry. I wanted to do a Raw and Good quality kibble. I thought this would help with cost of Raw.
    I have not started her on the Tundra yet because of the diagnosis.
    This is her information below:

    Diets I’ve used:
    Primal Turkey Sardine
    Primal Duck
    Stella and Chewys Duck Duck Goose
    Natures Instinct Rabbit
    Natures Instinct Venison
    Sojos Turkey Complete

    She is a 68 lb White Boxer. She went in for a skin check. She has been itching and loosing hair on her sides, behind ears, down legs, her belly. Has bumps and redness. She has irritated skin and is scratching. She has an odor when wet. I thought it was a yeast issue.
    She went on prednisone and antibiotics from first Vet. I made a consult with a different Vet 2 weeks later. He did a skin scrape that was negative for mites etc. Senior blood work and urine were fine except the pancreas. Did second test to confirm. I was told it was pancreatitis. They put her on 2 more types of antibiotics and a topical steroid/conditioner for her skin.
    Suggests bland diet for 2 weeks and retest.
    Very confused with diagnosis. She started with the skin issue, then started drinking a lot, urinating more. She has no change in appetite, but had a bout of diarrhea.
    She had a few accidents in the house and got into the trash a couple of times. These are things she never has done. When she got into the trash, I do not believe she got anything high in fat. But I’m not sure.
    I recently lost my male Boxer in Feb and she has taken it hard, as well as myself.
    She is 7
    Anymore advice/recommendations would be great!

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    Consider a homeopathic approach, you can ask Dr Falconer a question, even if it is off topic and he tends to respond

    To find a homeopathic vet in your area

    Otherwise, I would continue to work with your vet, or ask for a referral to a specialist. Chronic illnesses are not DIY projects.

    Sorry for your loss.

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    Tracy M

    Thank you for the links. I will check on these.
    I am definitely not a DIY person with my animals. I will keep looking for answers through Vets, holistic and traditional. I just wanted to know if others have experienced this and also any feeding they may do for these issues. Raw and kibble together, but served at different meals.
    Her issues didn’t explode until after I lost my other Boxer. 🙁
    Definitely looking into digestive enzymes and have started her on NuVet Plus.

    Thank You for your kind response

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    Is there anyway you can adopt another dog, maybe a mature one?
    My dog also grieved, when I lost her buddy to hemangiosarcoma.
    She had a hard time, but gradually responded to a cairn I brought into the pack, her allergies flared up but are under control now.
    It warms the heart to watch them play, she pretty much ignored him for the first 6 months though 🙂

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    Tracy M

    I lost mine to the same horrible cancer. 🙁
    We are in the process of getting another male Boxer, and my daughter lives with us and has Chi’s, but she doesn’t interact with them the same.
    I was hoping she would be all healed with her skin issues by the time he comes.

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    The most horrid disease I have ever seen. Anyway I am glad you are getting another boxer. You can never replace them .
    It’s been over 2 years now, and I am appreciating the new guy more and more. They are all so different.

    I am very leery of vaccinations/over vaccinations now. So, I follow the homeopathic vet I don’t believe everything he says, but a lot of it does make sense.
    Best of luck

    PS: See my posts regarding allergies by clicking on my screen name, replies created.

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    I just realized there is a search engine at the top of the page: pancreatitis

    Hope this helps.

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    Bri H

    I just joined and was looking for an answer related to diet and skin allergies when I came upon this post so I wanted to add a comment 🙂 My dachshund had repeated bouts of Pancreatitis and I finally narrowed it down to flea medication. I have no idea why but when I would give him and flea medication within 48 hours, he would get sick. The last time was back to back after Frontline didn’t work and the vet recommended Comfortis. My dog now has EPI and I have to supplement his food with strong enzymes because his pancreas is dunzo. I have since stopped ALL flea medications and he hasn’t had it since. I would have never expected this to be a cause and never put it together until it happened twice so close together. I now feed him Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison w/his enzymes and he’s doing great. I hope this helps and maybe you can get to the root of your dogs issue. EPI is no fun.

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    Liane M

    My dog had recently had a pancreatitis issue and is still recovering. His a 6 yr old yorkiepoo. We are always at the vet due to diarrhea and/or vomiting. He was never tested for pancreatitis tho. This past May I put in on the chewable flea/tick NexGuard. I kept asking if there were side effects and even searched online before giving it to him. Could this have caused the flare up!?

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    Update: I no longer recommend any homeopathic vets. Especially the one mentioned in a previous post.

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