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    Carol R

    My now 4 month old puppy has had diarrhea off and on since we got him at 8 weeks.
    He came from the breeder with Kirkland puppy food. He had diarrhea for a week so my vet recommended gastro puppy canned and fortiflora pro biotic for a week and gave us a dewormer .He improved and we put him back on the Kirkland puppy. The diarrhea came back . Put him back on gastro puppy canned and mixed in gastro dry . He improved. We decided to switch to Nutrience sub zero puppy . As recommended by a vet as to avoid grains.
    We mixed it in very slowly and he was good for a couple of weeks . Then diarrhea started again . We got a fecal done , it was negative . Got dewormer again and metronidazole. It improved. After the meds were done the diarrhea has started again .
    Any suggestions as to new food to try ?

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    I’m surprised that your vet recommended a grain free food as there is currently an investigation going on possibly linking grain free boutique foods to Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

    I would do another fecal test. Giardia is common in puppies and can be intermittent. Have you tried adding a probiotic to his food? Sometimes after taking antibiotics, their tummy can get out of whack. I would try adding FortiFlora and maybe a little fiber to the diet to see if that works.

    I’ve switched my dogs foods several times over the years. But, I finally saw the light and now feed either Purina ProPlan or Purina One and their “output” is consistently good.

    Best of luck to you.

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