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    Hi all,

    Thank you in advance for your help. I am out of my mind trying to find dog food that my dog is not allergic to. He is two years old and has always been itchy, some times worse than others. I have been feeding him Merrick Grain free Duck and sweet potato and he likes it..but only if I mix in moist food with it. So I bought several of the grain free varieties and he would finally eat. Well, the itchiness never went away full. I finally had him allergy tested by a test from Glacier Peaks Hollistics. It came back with a large list of items he is allergic to.

    Sweet Potato
    Canola Oil
    Sesame Oil
    Rice Milk
    Brown Rice
    White Rice
    Sesame Seed
    Lentil Bean
    Nutra Sweet
    Chicken Egg

    I have been scouring dog food to find something that doesn’t include the above and cannot find anything. I am hoping to find someplace that I can try and return the food that he doesn’t like. He is extremely picky and will only eat the food if he likes it. He has gone over a day without eating and sticking his nose up. His stomach will be growling and he is obviously hungry, but won’t eat the food if he doesn’t like it.

    Any help you can provide I would truly appreciate it!!!!

    Thank you!!

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    If you go to the Dog Food Ingredients forum, there’s a stickie at the top with grain and white potato free foods. Might be a starting point.

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    Can I suggest you get a couple books on making homemade dog food and make your own? That way you can be in complete control of what goes in to it.

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    Allergy testing is considered totally unreliable for food allergies, so you may have other options available to you. The only way to diagnose a food allergy is by dietary trials.

    Here is information on how to do a dietary trial.

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    These are some of the foods that don’t have the ingredients you wanted to avoid.

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    Thank you all so much for your posts. We have gone through all of the ingredients and are currently trying Natural Balance Legume and Duck, but within the first meal, his ears swelled up and he dug at them continually. I continued for 2 more meals and then switched him back to Merrick Duck and Sweet potato and the ear swelling went down and he stopped digging them, but he still digs under his arms. Back to the drawing board.

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    I would like to suggest you that please bring a book of home made food for dog by that book you can make food by your own.By doing this you will be sure what’s going on to the food.

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    Have you had the thyroid checked? My dachshund was on generic Alegra daily with no relief. Her regular vet said she was “probably” allergic to the Burmuda grass. Her skin got so bad she got a staph infection! Then her orthopedic vet did a thyroid test and it was low. Once started on very inexpensive thyroid meds and she finally losing weight (huge issue for dachshunds!) and her skin is pink instead of dark and itchy-free!

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    wow i have never seen a dog with so many list of allergies to food, the poor pup 🙁 maybe something else is causing the problem? have you asked for a 2nd opinion from another vet? how is she now? i hope you find the best ingredient for her

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