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    I have a 2.5 year old blue American pit bull terrier. She’s a rescue dog that spent most of her life being used as a breeder. My girl is spayed and happy now. We adopted her on valentines day (coincidence I swear) earlier this year. I think she finally knows she’s home and has flourished to be one happy dog.

    We’ve had problems with her health from the start. Scabs, scratching, rashes, fur falling out when adopted. Problem continued. I had her on nutrish (because it went to a pit bull charity) but that made her worse. Several rounds of prednisone, antibiotics, some crazy immune suppressant drug and nothing helped (except the prednisone but it would only work until about 4 days after the meds stopped). I spent over $1000 in vet care in 1.5 months and as a community mental health therapist that makes less than $30K year, I sat in my vets office crying because I was afraid I’d have to return her to the shelter. I guess the vet took some pity on me and prescribed Luna a medicated shampoo. That, along with avoderm salmon and sweet potatoes was a miracle. Two weeks and she had occasional rashes that would clear up with hydrocortisone cream.

    She still has problems with yeast despite the shampoo and I was wondering if the avocados and sweet potatoes were contributing to this. Does anyone know of any dog food that is poultry free, grain free, soy free, white and sweet potato free? She does best with fish but is good with beef. I don’t think she’s allergic to peas and I’ve never given her tapioca so that’s unknown.

    I’m not rich by any means either so I can’t afford anything that is over $65/15 lb bag. Avoderm seems to be an okay price for us but if there’s anything cheaper that’d be awesome. Cooking Luna’s food isn’t really an option for me due to time constraints and financial. It would be most convenient to find a pre-mixed bag. I suppose I could supplement it if I had to.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Here is the list:


    You might give the yeast starvation diet a try:


    There is also Zymox shampoo in a gallon size. It has 3 enzymes that fight yeast.

    There are some water/vinegar rinse recipes in these videos:


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    Thanks, I saw the list already (as it’s pinned) but I was hoping that someone would list something specific that would fit the profile of what I asked about – no grains, no poultry, no soy, no white AND no sweet potato.

    I am trying to go through the list one by one in my spare time.

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    I apologize in advance for my irritation but since *I* went through each & every website I could find, to make up that list, I think it’s up to the dog owner to spend a little time narrowing it down.

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    Your irritation is valid. I am not expecting anyone to go through the list FOR me… I was hoping that someone would come along with “I’ve had a good experience with xxx food.” That also happens to fit in the category of what I listed above. I’ve already gone through the list that you so graciously compiled…


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    I’m having trouble deciding on a food! I have read until I’m blue in the face, and I think my mind is about to explode 🙂 I have now narrowed it down to either Fromm or Dr. Tim’s, does any one have an opinion for me on which to choose?

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    ringohop, I would start with the one that you can get the easiest. Or just go with Fromm, see how that works, then rotate to Dr. Tim’s. Or the other way around LOL. Sorry, I guess that doesn’t help much. 🙂

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    ringohop, it is best for our pets to eat a variety of foods, so start with Fromm, but don’t stop there. When you get near the end of the bag, get Dr Tim’s and try it. Before you go through that bag decide on what you are going to try next. When you have at least 4 different foods with different protein and carb sources, you’ll have a nice rotation.

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