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    melissa e

    Hi i am switching my 2 year old french bulldog to a better dog food he has no issues. I am so confused , I know it should be grain free, however I’m torn between salmon or meat based poultry . Reason is a trainer said chicken and turkey is bad for him. I am between Acana, then there is Wellness i am really stumped and have gotten such mixed information. I am not doing raw I know that is probably best but I need a dry kibble. Please any advice would be so appreciated!

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    What dog food is he on? If he has no issues why do you want to switch?

    Hope these sites help


    and http://skeptvet.com/Blog/category/nutrition/

    I lean toward fish based, Zignature or Nutrisca but that is because one of my dogs has environmental allergies and does best on fish as a base.
    I have heard good things about Pro Plan Focus Salmon and may try it in the near future.
    I avoid potato, not that there is anything wrong with potato, but I don’t think it should be more than 10% of the diet.
    Some kibbles are LOADED with potato (cheap starchy filler)

    PS: You may enjoy this 🙂

    Ahhh, Dr. Google

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    I like Acana but it can be rich for some dogs. Wellness is a good food, but I lean more towards their CORE line. Solid Gold is a good food as well. I’ve also used Fromm in my rotation with good results. Canidae is a good middle of the road option, cheaper than some but still high quality. If your dog can tolerate it and has no health issues, I’m an advocate for rotational feeding. But at the end of the day, what works for mine won’t always work for others.

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    If you want the best kibble there is and don’t mind paying a lot Young Again, Orijen, natures variety instinct and merrick backcountry are some good options. Acana is good too if your dog can’t handle anything too rich and you don’t want to spend as much as Orijen. However keep in mind that since they began producing Acana and Orijen in the states the reviews have become hit or miss. Also if you aren’t interested in actual raw things you can try adding freeze dried mixers into whatever kibble you choose. And try to add canned food wherever you can. Adds moisture to the diet and not as processed as kibble is.

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    I forgot to mention, I use the kibble as a base and add a splash of water and a bit of scrambled egg or something. Just kibble alone is too dry and boring :-/

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    melissa e

    Thank you, i was looking at Acana and wellness. He is on Science Diet I/D dry but mixed with Merrick canned only because my other frenchie had serious stomach issues and this was the only thing that worked and it was just easier to give them the same kibble but i added the wet to his. She is no longer with us so I want him off the science diet asap! than you so ,such for the help! it solidifies what I was thinking.

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    Melissa, my girlfriend is a vet. There is no way we would feed our animals mass produced pet food, it’s just rubbish.

    Have you considered just a home cooked diet? It’s simple to prepare.

    Just roughly chop root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, celery etc. (obviously no onion) and cook in a pressure cooker. Fry off some meat. Combine and serve. We make enough food for 3 days and just repeat the process.

    We’ve also found the cooking process quite therapeutic knowing you’re providing your animals with the best possible nutrition.

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    Hi M T-

    The diet you prepare for your pets and are suggesting the OP prepare is not even remotely balanced. Your girlfriend may want to use her connections and consult a nutritionist to have recipes made that are complete and balanced.

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